From living room carpet ideas to your entryway and bedroom – these experts know how to deep clean a carpet the right way. 

How to deep clean a carpet – according to the experts

If you’re experimenting with new carpet trends or hoping to revive an old favorite, the method remains the same. These are the four steps to the perfect deep clean. Bear in mind that if you need to get paint out of carpet, the steps will be different and you will be best consulting our separate guide.

1.  Prepare your carpet for cleaning 

According to Julian Downes, a flooring specialist at fibre (opens in new tab), it is important to pre-treat all your carpets to make the process easier – and enhance the clean. He recommends investing in a professional stain inhibition treatment that will repel all dirt, including oil-based spills.  ‘Antic static agents in these cleaners prevent the attraction of dry soils, ensuring quick everyday cleaning,’ he says.  However, the preparation process doesn’t end there. Roman Peysakhovich, a professional cleaner and CEO of Onedesk (opens in new tab) cleaning company, also recommends vacuuming your carpet to remove any loose soil, dirt, dust, and debris. Investing in one of these best vacuums will prevent you from pushing your soil deeper into your carpet’s fibers.

2. Create your cleaning solution  

Perhaps the most important step in understanding how to deep clean a carpet is creating the right cleaning liquid. Roman suggests mixing one part of distilled white vinegar and three parts of cold water in a spray bottle to create the perfect solution. ‘You’ll need to refill the bottle a few times if cleaning a wall-to-wall carpet,’ he adds. 

3. Apply, wait and blot

4. Allow the carpet to air-dry

Lastly, it is essential to allow your carpet to dry entirely before re-exposing it to everyday wear and tear. This is especially the case for wool carpets, whose tiny air pockets make it harder for them to dry. Both Roman and Julian emphasize the importance of ventilating the area thoroughly – to speed up the drying process.  ‘Increase the airflow in the room by adding oscillating fans or opening doors and windows. Don’t allow any foot traffic on the carpet until it’s completely dry,’ Julian says.  Whether you’re refreshing your bedroom carpet ideas or taking your living room or dining room to the next level, these tips will ensure your carpet comes up spotless. 

How to maintain neutral carpets in between deep cleans

If you’re specifically caring for neutral carpets, Jodie Hatton, Residential Design Manager at Brintons (opens in new tab), recommends vacuuming regularly and effectively treating spillages as they occur. This will ensure your interiors look tidy in between deep cleans, especially when it comes to the dangerous paler colors.  ‘Use a vacuum with good suction, and for cut pile carpets, a vacuum with a brush & beater bar to help lift the pile and remove particulate dirt,’ she says. ‘A wet suction vacuum cleaner will help pull out spillages and stains.’  Knowing how to deep clean a carpet will elevate your decorating ideas and keep your home looking pristine. We’re starting now.