Spend more, however, and you will want to ensure you are getting the most from your candles. So as we take to cosying up for winter, Victoria Cator has been kind enough to share her tricks on how to make your candles last longer.

How to make candles last longer

Get every last drop of fragrant joy from your best luxurious candles by following these smart candle hacks.

1. Your surface is key

An even burn is key when it comes to candles, and an important part of achieving this is the surface you choose. ’ Always burn your candles on an even surface, away from drafts,’ advises Victoria. Both are crucial for the safety  of your home, too, so if your table leg has even the slightest wobble, think again.

2. Never burn for more than four hours

It’s tempting to have a candle burning through the day, particularly when you have guests or are eager to lift the mood. But this is a no-no in Victoria’s book. ‘Burn for maximum of 4 hours,’ she states. ‘If you keep the candle burning for longer than that, then hot wax can build up which can cause a scented candle to lose its fragrance more quickly.’

3. Some air flow is a good thing

While drafts can affect the even burn of your candle – and prove dangerous, fresh air can be a good think. Victoria recommends partially opening a window.  ‘This allows for good circulation and an even throw of scent from the burning candle, helping the candle to circulate around the room and ensure your room is filled with the fragrance,’ she explains.

4. Opt for a four-wick candle where you can

Continuing on the ‘four’ theme, Victoria beilieves it’s the magic number when it comes to wicks. ‘It gives an even burn and prevents any hollowing,’ she explains.  Material is also important. ‘Wicks that are made of cotton allow them to burn with the candle which means that the wick doesn’t need to be trimmed.’

5. Allow your candle to cool completely

Never light a candle unless you are confident it has cooled completely. This should take around two hours for a typical candle.  ‘Trim the wick if necessary,’ says Victoria. ‘Trimming the wick will allow for a gorgeous bright flame and ensure for even burning.’ Discover Victoria’s nostalgic and memorable scents at Victoria Cator Candles (opens in new tab). Here’s to making the most of our favorite scents.