Alexandra and her husband, film producer Andrew Form, recently sold their 1927 Mediterranean home in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, for almost $7.67 million. Despite residing there for only 16 months, Alexandra found time to experiment with her Shaker kitchen – playing with color and modern amenities to ensure this kitchen trend stands the test of time.  In the photo (shared below), Alexandra exhibited a twist on the traditional Shaker style – most prominently through the robin’s-egg blue tones that create a stylish contrast against the Calacatta marble. This marble, paired with her stainless steel range hood and modern appliances, gives the ’traditional’ kitchen a contemporary feel that’s unmistakably inspiring. But what do the experts think?  Introducing modern elements in a rustic space can be tricky – but armed with the right kitchen ideas – and inspiration from Alexandra Daddario – it’s more than possible.  A photo posted by on ‘A good kitchen design will work with any appliances,’ says designer Tom Howley (opens in new tab). According to Tom, you should not overwhelm your traditional kitchen with appliances – but find a balance (as Alexandra has done) by showcasing some features but concealing others behind cabinetry. ‘Whether you’re looking to make a statement with refrigeration or want to keep the daily ‘mess’ concealed, both will allow the simplicity of the kitchen design to shine,’ he says.  If you’re thinking about merging modern-looking elements and smart kitchen features in a Shaker kitchen, there are many ideas to choose from.  ‘There are a few things which are popular at the moment. Appliance innovation continues to move forward, from being able to watch your food as it cooks to wifi-enabled service checks,’ Tom says. ‘We know clients are looking for innovation in how their appliances work, but the ability to check or diagnose appliances remotely is a huge step forward in the industry.’ Alexandra Daddario’s kitchen – and the similar space pictured above – shows that it’s also possible to modernize a Shaker kitchen through color. While neutrals are often thought to be timeless, her egg blue cabinets feed into one of the biggest color trends for 2023 – and experts agree.  ‘Inspired by homes in the Hamptons, we’ve seen a huge surge in customers looking for blue kitchens,’ says the team at Smile Kitchens (opens in new tab). While all blues are popular, the experts say that the ‘New England style’ – a balance of light blues with whites and off-whites – is particularly fashionable right now. ‘This will create a coastal feeling in the home that feels light and airy,’ they say. Is this the new era for the classic Shaker kitchen?