Just days into the new year, Jennifer has made headlines through her starring role in HBO’s The White Lotus before winning Best Supporting Actress at the 80th Golden Globe Awards. The Legally Blonde actor has a distinct style for which she is known around Hollywood (beyond the pinks seen in the aforementioned film) – from the bold prints of her early-00s wardrobe to her recent green gowns exhibited at award ceremonies across the city. It is only fitting, therefore, that her home matches up to her reputation. Jennifer, who has property in Hollywood, New Orleans, Boston, and New York, shared a glimpse inside one of her living spaces – and it was just as eclectic as you’d hope to expect. The photo is a trove of maximalist decor ideas – complete with flower-filled vases, ornate furnishings, and a stuffed toy tiger. Yes, really.   ‘I just want to take a very quick moment to say wow, thank you! Very grateful to [the] Television Academy for all of the Emmy love for The White Lotus. I am honored to be recognized with my fellow nominees and brilliant castmates,’ Jennifer writes – before signing off with ‘goodnight.’  A photo posted by on To celebrate her success, Jennifer poses next to a giant stuffed toy tiger with a glass of champagne. And while this plush animal has a way of stealing attention in the room, it is surrounded by more eclectic possessions that make the space authentically individual. Notable pieces include the trio of overflowing vases dotted around the fireplace and the tall candlesticks that bring a hint of regency to the space.  Other regal living room ideas are visible through Jennifer Coolidge’s deep red patterned rug that dominates much of the floor – and the large gold frame that sits above the fireplace. The actress’s expansive collection of books and photographs shows she’s not afraid to showcase whatever brings her joy – suggesting you don’t need to hide everything personal behind closed cabinet doors.  And in case you need any more convincing, Pinterest Predicts (opens in new tab) this look will set interior design trends in the coming months.  Pinterest home trends forecast Hipstoric Homes (much like Jennifer Coolidge’s) will come into play this 2023, and every generation will find ‘find new ways to honor old stuff in their homes, combining vintage and heritage pieces with modern styles.’  There has – according to photo powerhouse – been a year-on-year increase in the search for ’eclectic interior design vintage’ (+850%), ‘mixing modern and antique furniture’ (+530%), and ‘maximalist decor vintage’ +350%  – but of course, Jennifer Coolidge is already ahead of this curve.