See: World’s best homes – step inside the globe’s most beautiful houses Joan Rivers lived in the penthouse throughout the peak of her career as a comedian, author, actress, and television host. She was celebrated for her bold comedic persona, alongside her starring roles on The Joan Rivers Show and, most recently, the Fashion Police before her death in 2014. The apartment was sold later that year for $28 million.  See: Living room ideas – clever ways to decorate living spaces Situated a short hop from Fifth Avenue, Joan’s luxurious penthouse was exquisitely designed as a utopia for Manhattan’s stylish socialites by esteemed architect Horace Trumbauer in 1903.   After moving to the home in the late ’80s, Joan re-decorated the interiors yet preserved the decor style sympathetic to the neo-French Classic style architecture. In the years that followed, the exceptionally luxe space welcomed a host of dignitaries and celebrities, including Princess Diana.  The luscious apartment oozes elegance and majesty throughout its 11 rooms – including four grand bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a living area with five wood-burning fireplaces and two ornate terraces. There is also a sophisticated paneled library and – the pièce de résistance of the property – a ballroom – which mirrors the eloquent aesthetic of the Palace of Versailles.  While the apartment’s interiors are overwhelmingly magnificent, the exteriors are equally as impressive. The balcony is complete with unparalleled views across the prestigious Upper East Side neighborhood, including Central Park. 

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Was Joan Rivers’s penthouse haunted?  

Despite its unrivaled ambiance and elegant interiors, Joan Rivers reported the apartment was haunted by a ghost in the form of what was believed to be the former owner, Mrs. Spencer.  Joan shared that the ghost had damaged the chandelier and consequently sought help from a voodoo priestess to eradicate the spirit throughout the building. It is believed that Joan found an old painting of Mrs. Spencer in the basement and hung it in the hallway with a vase of flowers as a peace offering to the spirit. The penthouse is currently listed by Jenny Lenz of Dolly Lenz Real Estate for $38 million. Images courtesy of Top Ten Real Estate Deals (opens in new tab).