Recently, we discovered his favorite shade of the color that is on everybody’s minds at the moment – green. The shade that has graced our interiors so prominently this year shows no signs of wavering in popularity as we continue to look for ways to drench our homes in natural elements that provoke feelings of escapism and renewal.  With so many emerald tones on the market, though, we can only welcome Bobby’s expertise about which shade works best in our kitchens.  See: Kitchen ideas – decor and decorating ideas for all kitchens

Bobby Berk’s green paint suggestions

Bobby Berk’s blog is a fantastic place to pick up interior design tips, including the designer’s favorite paints. In a recent post (opens in new tab), Bobby rounded up the green kitchens that received the most admiration on his Instagram to share the paints both he and his followers love the most. 

1. Create contrast with a leafy forest green 

Stealing the crown as Bobby Berk’s favorite green shade is Sherwin-Williams’s Kendal Green (opens in new tab) – a raw leafy color that creates a flow with the outside and gives a home the charming allure of a country farmhouse.  Bobby celebrates the contrast achieved by designer Jaclyn Peterson (opens in new tab) who combines the fresh shade with ‘slick, blacklight fixtures,’ which ‘manages to tie all the elements together.’ In conversation with Homes & Gardens, Jaclyn expanded on the highly admired tones of her green kitchen, sharing how she designed the space for a young family who was renovating their ‘dated farmhouse’ in rural Manitoba, Canada. See: Green room ideas – gorgeous ways to use nature’s palette ‘They both love color and wanted a kitchen that was cozy, warm, inviting, and functional to host large gatherings for their family and friends,’ she says.  ‘They have a view of trees and endless fields of crops, so green just felt like the perfect color for the cabinets. I softened the overall look with white oak details, black lighting, and a white quartz countertop. They are still in love with their kitchen four years later,’ Jaclyn adds.

2. Soften a statement green with a soft white hue 

Following closely in Kendal Green’s footsteps is Bobby’s second favorite green paint –Absolute Green (opens in new tab) by Benjamin Moore.  Bobby compliments designer Faith Blakeney (opens in new tab) for her daring injection of this exciting shade, which she balances with ’lots of white to keep things from feeling overwhelmed.’ ‘We wanted this kitchen to have some Californian fun flair, with the fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and old-world charm that you can find in old English kitchens. We opened up the ceiling and uncovered the true grandeur of the space,’ Faith shares. See: Decorating with green – get back to nature with a fresh palette The designer continues, suggesting she chose to combine the bright white shade with a color that has been her favorite since she was a young girl.  ‘There is a green for every season,’ Faith declares. ‘I believe that the green is having a moment right now because of its inextricable and often subconscious association with nature. Particularly as we have all been cooped up in our homes for the past year, bringing the outdoors inside with color can have a truly calming and nurturing effect on our soul.’

3. Pair green with brassy & metallic tones 

Alternatively, among Bobby Berk’s favorite kitchen green paint picks is Sherwin-Williams’s Greenfield (opens in new tab), and Benjamin Moore’s Sagebrush (opens in new tab), and Jackpine Jack Pine (opens in new tab) – the latter ‘perfectly complements the light wood tones and brass accents of a kitchen,’ Bobby suggests. See: Bobby Berk’s 5 top design tips – on using temporary wallpaper for impact We’re torn as to which of these greens will look the best in our kitchen, but we’re safe in the knowledge that whatever shade we choose has Bobby Berk’s seal of approval.