See: Country decorating ideas – ways to bring stunning rustic style to your home Today, May 6th, the British-based manufacturers announced their partnership with H&G’s sister publication Country Homes & Interiors to create their elegant collection – Modern Country Colors (opens in new tab). Their rustic interpretation of this season’s most sought-after colors will set the tone for our homes this season, and beyond.  The collection, which is available to buy from today, is formed of 12 shades that pay homage to the rustic aesthetic of country life, including Peaseblossom, Baked Tile, Dried Petals, Sponge Cake, and Summer Frock.  See: Decorating ideas – the ultimate guide to getting it right Plus, while we’re excited to bring many of these bright hues into our homes this summer, the collection is equally appropriate for the colder months – with shades like Puddling and Winter Garden set to form the perfect A/W ‘21 palette.  This collection not only celebrates the colors of the environment, but it protects it too, as each shade is made using environmentally friendly ingredients and technologically advanced manufacturing processes that are entirely eco-friendly. All 12 colors are available in Earthborn’s classic Classic paint finishes – Claypaint, Lifestyle, Eco Chic, and Eggshell No.17. They are also available in 100ml sample pots, which will help you find the shade that is perfect for your walls without the commitment. See: Living room ideas – inspiring ways to decorate and furnish your space In her discussion of their collaboration, Country Homes & Interiors editor Andrea Childs shares that color ‘is a powerful way to create a mood that aligns with the function of your room,’ and so they designed the collection with ’those moods in mind.’  From the soft, charcoal grey of Scuttle to the olive green tones of Peaseblossom, the Earthborn X Country Homes & Interiors collection covers a spectrum of trending colors, with a unique, traditional twist that will bless the walls of every home, whether it’s in the country or not.  You can subscribe to Country Homes & Interiors magazine to receive it to your door every month. Follow the link above to find out more. Or see more Country content on our dedicated page – there’s everything from restoration advice to beautiful rustic homes in the US, UK and beyond.

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