The two brands have joined forces to design a selection of new pigmented paints and interiors fabrics that combines Farrow & Ball’s expertise with Liberty’s iconic style.  The fashion giant chose 15 hand-picked combinations of tones from Farrow & Balls Archive collection to create a ‘new generation of homes’ that will reset interior design trends – and drench your walls in unmatched color. When color and fashion’s biggest forces combine, it’s a match made in interior design heaven – but what more do you need to know about the launch? Here, Farrow & Ball’s color curator Joa Studholme shares her paint ideas to help you make the most of the Archive collection – and the collaboration.  ‘Each of our Archive colors is greatly treasured – many customers consider them hidden jewels, which makes them very appealing,’ Joa explains.  ‘Others take comfort in knowing that a favorite color used to decorate one’s home years ago is still readily available today. Each one is as loved now as when it was first created.’ Stretching from the subtle hues of Clunch (opens in new tab) to the contrastable Cola (opens in new tab), Joa praises Liberty’s vast spectrum of colors and patterns that will work in schemes of all shades and sizes.  And while these colors may have their roots in the past, Joa reassures you that they are perfect for a contemporary home. ‘And, like the fabrics they complement, they feel both exciting and dependable,’ Joa says.  Liberty pattern is intricate and eclectic; I always feel that heritage pattern really comes alive when used with solid color,’ adds Genevieve Bennett, head of design interiors at Liberty (opens in new tab), whilst sharing her color combinations for rooms around your home.   ‘Pairing our iconic designs with exquisite paint colors such as these really gives the pattern space to breathe and sing. It has added another dimension to the collection, and we are so looking forward to seeing them together within homes,’ Genevieve says.  We’re on the verge of a fashionable new paint and pattern revolution, and we thank Farrow & Ball’s and Liberty for the most stylish partnership of the season – if not the century.