So, what can you expect from the latest set of products? Fresh colour pairings, for a start, along with bold shapes and creative styling ideas, that, although fresh to the fold, stay true to Neptune form. 

Seasonal shades

Exploring colour is something that Neptune does extremely well. Its new hue, Burnt Sienna, is grounded in history – indeed, it is one of the oldest pigments around, but it also embodies the optimism of the future.  Neptune chose this deep clay shade for its warming, grounding properties, something that many of us are drawn to right now, and because it transports us to the rolling hills of Tuscany. Expect to see Burnt Sienna used on walls, cabinetry and soft furnishings for spring, where it works beautifully teamed with the cooler Flax Blue and chalky neutral Salt shades.

Enduring designs

Helping people create beautiful, considered homes has always been at the heart of Neptune’s ethos. This attention to detail comes into play with every piece it designs, from luxurious scalloped headboards, such as Clemmie, to the classic Chichester collection.  ‘While 2020 was a challenge for everyone, we’ve all emerged more determined and more focused than we were a year ago,’ says founder John Sims-Hilditch. ‘At Neptune, our priorities haven’t changed. Life slowly starts to return to normal, and we have a richer sense of what’s important. We understand, more than ever before, the value of things that endure and stand firm, whatever may happen along the way. And the intricacies of craftsmanship, the ambition of longevity and the impact of design have never mattered more.’

Hidden touches

We hear a lot about craftsmanship, but true quality is informed by expertise, experience and consideration – something that’s always been important to Neptune and continues to be so going forward into the new season.  Passionate about embracing tradition and welcoming innovation, founders John and Giles put their expertise into every single detail – even the ones that are hidden to our eyes. ‘The hidden heroes are what make each piece unique,’ says John. ‘The joinery of a drawer, the mechanics of a hinge, the turn of a table leg. Every detail is considered and re-imagined to be the best it possibly can. We think of it as careful craftsmanship. The hidden details that make life work better. The silent close of a cupboard, the velvet lining of a cutlery drawer, the delicate scent of a candle. We know these details take time to research, re-work and perfect, but we believe they’re worth the wait.’ To see more of Neptune’s SS21 collection along with its full range of furniture, textiles and accessories, visit (opens in new tab) Words / Laurie Davidson