The capsule collection – which is a first for H&G favorite Sims Hilditch – pays homage to quintessential design and is curated to suit both country and urban homes. The partnership combines Sims Hilditch’s contemporary elegant design quirks with George Smith’s heritage in upholstery to create pieces that ooze an unrivalled sophistication – and an ornate aesthetic. Together, Emma Sims-Hilditch and George Smith accentuated the pieces’ curved profiles – to create statement pieces that will reinvent your living room furniture ideas – and maintain their beauty for years ahead.  With their pillow backs and sloped arms, the chairs and sofa present a unique balance between comfort and formality. This is the living room idea that will allow you to live comfortably without sacrificing style.  Admirers of Emma’s work will already recognize the designer’s love for the British countryside – and this collection offers the perfect palette for her to exhibit her adoration.  When curating an interior, Emma and her team draw from the local landscape and architectural assets to inform the overall design language – and this collection is no exception.  The designer worked with George Smith to create beautifully minimalist and versatile pieces that mirror the organic curves of the countryside. Similarly, the pieces express a love of nature through floral linens, tactile wools, and regent velvets that are perfect for the cozier months ahead.  Plus, the collection may celebrate nature, but its impact on the environment is even more important. Thankfully, sustainability is at the core of the duo’s ethos – as Emma and George Smith are dedicated to sourcing locally, lowering carbon footprints, and using eco-friendly materials. So, your next investment piece doesn’t only look good – but it does good too.  ‘We design with timelessness in mind choosing materials that will withstand everyday living. Our businesses are well aligned, and we have a shared vision to design with longevity, authenticity, and quality craftsmanship,’ explains Emma in the discussion of her traditional living room ideas. Naomi Roberts, the Head of Brand Communications at Sims Hilditch (opens in new tab), mirrors Emma’s thoughts, adding that the collection with George Smith is natural – and a delightful fit.  ‘We believe that inspirational interiors require exceptional furniture; crafted and tailored for ultimate luxury; this Collection embodies those principles, and we cannot wait for our clients to experience the pieces,’ Naomi adds.  Pieces are available to buy online via the George Smith (opens in new tab) website from today, Saturday 11th September.