The aptly-named trend blends Los Angeles’ spirit with Spain’s timeless charm to create an aesthetic that will bring solar power into the coldest of interiors.  This interior design trend pays homage to the best of Southern Europe – and the Golden State. However, it is making headlines far beyond these coastlines. Here, Californian-native designers react to the 2022’s sunniest trend (to date) and reveal how to make it work in your home.  

What is Spanifornia? 

‘The best way to describe Spanifornia is the perfect balance between new and old,’ says Ventura-based designer Rio Barrett, of House of Rio Design Co (opens in new tab). According to the designer, this includes ‘warm wood tones mixed with milky whites and gentle patterned textiles’ and art pieces with ‘classic Spanish pots and perfectly placed greenery.’ When it comes to setting paint ideas, Spanifornia combines neutral hues, dusty sage green and ocean blues – which epitomizes the relaxed style of the California coast. 

Interior experts across California are hardly surprised at the marriage between the cultures. Designer Rande Leaman (opens in new tab) of her eponymous studio in Los Angeles explains that she is often asked to incorporate a Spainifornia “feel” into a client’s home.  ‘The Spanish influence is so much a part of our California history, both in design and culture, it’s natural to want to bring these beautiful elements in when we can,’ she says. Los Angeles-based designer Faith Blakeney (opens in new tab) similarly suggests that the blending of Spain and Californian design is a natural match. She suggests that the trend stems from the Stylish-style architecture that is so evident in the State.  ‘[The] homes are full of charm and architectural details you can’t find in contemporary structures,’ she explains.  ‘The arches, the beams, the warm, inviting [atmosphere] – spaces that join the outdoors & inside with terraces & courtyards. These elements feel right at home in California as one might say it’s the Mediterranean of the West.’

How can you bring Spanifornia into your home?  

Incorporating Spanifornia into your decorating ideas begins with organic wood pieces, which, Rande suggests, are a ‘wonderful way to bring that rustic charm to a room’.  The designer recommends painting these organic tones with handwoven textiles in pillows and table settings that will add European charm to your tablescape. ‘Handblown glass and earthenware pottery displayed on open shelves is another way to embrace this trend without going overboard,’ Rande adds.  Thanks to Spanifornia, summer starts right now.