It’s easy to label invisible countertops as ‘of the moment’ – but we expect this kitchen countertop idea to be more than just a fad. Instead, we predict what is the biggest kitchen trend right now to set the standard for smart kitchens into the future.  Here’s why invisible countertops are the future of kitchens, according to those in the know. 

What are invisible countertops?

Invisible countertops include a kitchen hob that appears invisible to the eye (as seen in the photo above). This allows the cooking area to fit in seamlessly with the rest of the countertop – leaving you with a clean look that becomes functional whenever you desire.  Karen Sealy, a designer from Sealy Design (opens in new tab), is a leader in incorporating this modern kitchen idea into her designs (more below). ‘We love ours because, in a small space, it provides dual function,’ she says. The designer adds that the feature is easier to maintain, clean, and looks sleeker – meaning you are left with a stylish but nonetheless functional space. 

The benefits behind invisible countertops need no further introduction, but there are even more positives than what initially meets the eye. 

1. Invisible countertops are energy efficient 

According to Curtis Ceballos, the CEO and Visionary of Invisacook (opens in new tab) Inc, there are three main reasons we are looking to invest in an invisible countertop. However, the most prominent of these is its efficiency. The expert explains that homeowners love ‘the ability to cook normally on top of [their] countertop while saving electricity.’ and it is easier to clean up too, naturally.  

2. Invisible countertops create more space 

Invisible countertops have many benefits, but their most unique is (arguably) their ability to save space.  Curtis explains that this feature ‘creates valuable space’ without having to contend with a cumbersome stovetop. Therefore, you have the ‘ability to use your countertop for a myriad of other functions.’  

3. Invisible countertops know how to make a statement

Alongside their functionality, invisible countertops are capable of demanding attention in a space. So, if you’re going to invest in this small kitchen idea for one reason alone, let it be that. Curtis adds that this trend will leave an impression on your guests whilst ‘maintaining safety at a prerequisite.’  ‘The future and solution for kitchens of small homes, apartments, condominiums, cabins, boats, planes, and recreational vehicles is here,’ he adds.  Will you make the investment?