Reckoned as one of the most prominent tastemakers in the industry, Apfel invigorates generation-after-generation to be fearless in their choices – home decor included, and this month, we’re in for a treat.  The fashion tour de force teamed up with Etsy to hand-select her favorite items from small businesses.

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‘It’s important to let ourselves indulge in pretty things,’ she says. After seeing first-hand ‘how a sparkly pair of earrings, an interesting ring or brightly-colored necklace can transform my mood.’  So, for those looking to lift spirits and do so in the most fashionable of ways, take notes from Iris Apfel’s very stylish playbook and invest in these five exquisite and unparalleled items.

1. Induce a worldly element to tabletops by investing in intricately detailed dishware

2. Bring walls to life with gorgeous golden baroque trimmings

3. Liven up quarters with an adorned lampshade

4. Convey French-style in dining sections with captivating candelabras

5. Store botanical compositions in statement-making stoneware 

Handcrafted in Japan, circa 1954, these 10" vintage Imari plates (opens in new tab)invoke a temporal beauty, instantly elevating dinners and holiday gatherings. 

Transport to previous generations with this picturesque oil portrait (opens in new tab). Between the colorful hues and gorgeous golden trimming, you’ll depict a powerful statement. 

Allow this tropical interior shade (opens in new tab) to extend a unique botanical print as the focal point in any study or lobby. The mixture of tropical ferns and leaves — all in a hand-drawn style — accented with a strong silver base is sure to attract attention when displayed.  Let these elegant brass candlesticks (opens in new tab) serve as the focal point of any tablescape, while simultaneously entreating French-style effortlessly. 

This handbuilt OLA vase (opens in new tab) emphasizes colored stripes and patterns conceived by hand-tinting clay, creating a uniquely sophisticated display.