In an interview with H&G, Jasmine revealed there is one shade that sits at the peak of her paint ideas – and it’s the color she uses on around 80 percent of the walls she paints. The shade in question? Dunn-Edwards’s Faded Gray (opens in new tab). 

Jasmine Roth’s favorite paint color

‘My favorite paint color is Dunn-Edwards Faded Gray. That’s what you can see on my walls right here [in my home office]. I probably use 80 percent of the walls I paint for interior spaces,’ Jasmine says. ‘I think it’s really beautiful; it’s not super grey, it’s not stark white.’ While Faded Gray is versatile enough to work in almost every room of the home, Jasmine describes it as one of the best home office paint colors you can choose as a basis for a creative, productive space. She has recently teamed up with Staples to manage a Style Squad who is running a Sweepstake that gives you the chance to transform your WFH space.   To elevate your home office ideas, Jasmine recommends painting your space a neutral color, such as Faded Gray, that offers the perfect base for you to experiment with other darker and more colorful decor pieces in your home, 

Why use a neutral paint color?

‘I would recommend painting a neutral. I see many people right now who are transitioning part of their home into a work-from-home location,’ Jasmine says. And while these shades work well in a designated home office, Jasmine says it looks good in any room you may use as a WFH space. ‘Whether it’s a guest room, whether it’s a closet, a corner of your dining room.’ The room itself doesn’t matter; what does matter, according to Jasmine, is that people feel creative and productive in the space.  ‘Paint can go a long way to make that feel like it’s your office. Paint can make such a difference to how we feel. If your walls are dark and moody, that’s fine for some people. That’s how they want to feel, and that’s how they feel the most productive and the most creative,’ the designer adds.  If you’re decorating with gray (or any other neutral), Jasmine suggests creating a contrast with your light walls by adding a dark desk chair or desk’ that will stand as a focal point in your room. ‘Paint is a great base, and then it’s up to you to make it your own,’ she says. If you’re looking to transform your room with the help of Jasmine Roth and the Staples Squad, you can enter the Sweepstake by uploading a photo of your WFH space here (opens in new tab) until June 7th. You can win one of three WFH looks; each one is valued at approximately $5,000.