For the most famous house in the country, the First Family has sought the help of a traditional American design master, Mark D. Sikes to make over the East Wing Office – and we expect it will reset the bar for home office ideas far beyond DC. Mark D. Sikes announced the project via an Instagram post (opens in new tab), in which he revealed he is excited to work alongside the First Lady to redecorate the famous office.    ‘This is an honor of a lifetime, and I am both humbled and thrilled,’ Mark says. ‘To create beauty has always been my passion, and I’ve also come to realize it’s my purpose,’ Mark says. ‘Thank you to The First Lady, her team, and to those who came before her and those still to come.’

Who is Mark D. Sikes? 

Mark.D Sikes is known for his contemporary take on American traditionalism and classical aesthetics. His interior design ideas celebrate the best of the country with a uniquely fresh twist – meaning he is an apt choice when it comes to transforming the President’s home.  The Los Angeles-based designer has written two books, including the New York Times bestseller, Beautiful. He is the figure behind two Draper James stores and has worked with H&G favorites, Soane Britain, to create a The Lily Collection (opens in new tab) – a collection of rattan furnishings that pay homage to Californian style. 

What can we expect from the redesign? 

While it is impossible to know precisely how Mark will decorate the office (for now, at least), the designer’s past work offers some clues. For example, the retro-style collection with Soane combines timeless materials with chintz style prints that introduce an eclectic look to the space.  Meanwhile, Mark’s collection with Hudson Valley Lighting (opens in new tab) similarly pays homage to ageless elegance – featuring traditional shapes that exhibit an ‘All-American’ look.  Mark’s decorating ideas are often indulgent and ornate and showcase layered textiles and prints to create a maximalist space that will struggle to go out of style. We expect the East Wing Office will never look the same again.