The co-founder of Magnolia, Joanna Gaines, has a way of kickstarting design movements – from her signature industrial-country aesthetic to her popular storage solutions. However, it is her accent wall ideas that, we predict, will become the next interior design trend to go viral. In an episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home titled ‘Mediterranean Money Pit,’ Joanna rewrote the concept of the accent wall by creating a living room feature wall from exposed stone from the house’s exterior. She repeated the technique in other rooms, too. Here’s what her super-charged recycling and decorating idea involves. 

Joanna Gaines’ rustic wall trend

In the episode, Joanna Gaines brought the outside into the Mediterranean-style property through a series of accent walls built from the home’s original stone. The Magnolia (opens in new tab) designer used the stone as an bedroom accent wall idea (as pictured above) before adding golden-bronze light fixtures to give the material a luxe luster.  ‘We loved the rock so much on the outside that we thought, let’s do it inside,’ Joanna says as she reveals the bedroom to the homeowners.  Similarly, Joanna in the living room (below), Joanna exhibited the same technique – using the same stone to create a focal point in the space.  This living room wall idea works effortlessly alongside the wooden beams on the ceiling – but it also creates a welcome juxtaposition against the clean, curated furnishings and accessories that complement its industrial style. 

 Joanna Gaines’ accent wall – what do designers think?

Joanna Gaines’ stone wall works seamlessly in this Mediterranean-style property, but what do other designers think of this wall decor idea? Shanade McAllister-Fisher from Shanade McAllister-Fisher Design (opens in new tab) explains that exposed brickwork ‘can make a strong design statement’ through its unique texture and tactility that creates a great focal point’. This is especially true ‘if the other walls in the space have a contrasting smooth finish’ – quite like Joanna demonstrates.  ‘It has a naturally warm feel and so is perfectly placed in a bedroom or living space where you want to create a cozy environment,’ she says.  When it comes to Joanna’s room color ideas, Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown (opens in new tab), suggests that the metallic shades (used in the bedroom) are the best choice. ‘Metallic shades are one of the easiest ways to introduce a real warmth into your space. Gold and bronze work wonderfully well texturally as they add also add shine,’ she says.  ‘These deep warm tones are versatile. They look fantastic with sleek surfaces and natural materials like exposed brickwork.’  Has Joanna Gaines changed your opinion on exposed stone walls? If it has her approval, we surely can’t disagree.