The celebrity interior expert has styled spaces of every size in front of the camera, but her bathroom lighting tip is perhaps the most ingenious of all. Her bathroom ideas are indisputably stylish – but oh-so-simple.  On an episode of Fixer Upper (opens in new tab), Joanna shared her bathroom lighting ideas whilst discussing her design decisions in a compact family space. The footage focuses on a statement light fixture that Joanna used to drench the room in light. ‘It was really important to make the space light and airy because it’s only 45 square feet. One of the biggest things I find in small spaces is there’s not enough lighting,’ Joanna says. ‘I always encourage people, if you have some room in the budget, add extra lighting,’ she adds.  Joanna demonstrated how to make a small bathroom look bigger (opens in new tab) by exhibiting a vanity light over the bathroom mirror. She similarly introduced neural-toned floor tiles and luminous white subway tiles around the bath to further enhance the light levels in the room. However, perhaps Joanna’s most notable bathroom feature is the one we are particularly adding to our traditional bathroom ideas list: an ornate chandelier.  ‘I also [added] an antique chandelier to add interest, which gives plenty of light,’ Joanna shares. ‘And what does light do? Light makes things feel bigger, so that’s the trick.’  Before we inevitably jump at the opportunity to invest in another vintage piece, it is important to remember that Joanna chose a light colored fitting that paired well with the wood paneling on the ceiling above. The pale hues also highlighted every drop of light and allowed the room to feel more radiant, and consequently, more spacious.  Joanna’s chandelier tip will create the illusion of space in our bathroom, but how can we draw from its light to make the room feel even bigger? According to Co-founder at Rockett St George (opens in new tab), Jane Rockett, the secret is found in a furnishing we may already have in our bathrooms.  ‘Chandeliers come in a range of sizes but opting for a bigger, bolder design not only adds more light to the space but also helps establish a central focal point and sense of grandeur. A trick for small spaces is to combine your chandelier with a beautiful wall mirror,’ Jane shares. ‘The addition of a mirror reflects light back into the room to create the feeling of extra space, and the trick of the reflection reveals the luxe illusion of two chandeliers instead of one,’ she adds.  So, we may already have a mirror in our bathroom, but Jane and Joanna have just given us an excuse to invest in another. We’re ready to combine these interior design tips and enjoy a grander and larger space. Our compact bathrooms have never felt quite so luxe. Before buying a new chandelier, however, we recommend familiarizing yourself with bathroom lighting regulations to ensure you stay safe whilst using the space. Electrical wiring should be protected against the moisture of the bathroom and use IP-rated fittings as recommended by your electrician. Fixtures should be splash resistant (for those inevitable leaks from the tub).