And while we were taking notes on all of Joanna Gaines’s greenhouse ideas, there was one that stood out as the ultimate statement piece: the young pineapple plant. In the designer’s greenhouse, this exotic piece sits on the window in a terracotta pot on a small tray (as seen below). But this plant has the power to sit as a focal point in a host of different environments.  The pineapple plant demands attention in the garden, but it’s also one of the top house plants you can buy to bring a hint of escapism into your interiors. And experts agree. Here’s everything you need to know about this Joanna Gaines-approved focal point. A photo posted by on

Joanna Gaines-inspired pineapple plant

It appears that the pineapple plant has captured the attention of every Gaines generation, but what makes it so appealing? The RHS’s Chief Horticulturist, Guy Barter, pins it down to the plant’s ‘quasi-mythical status’ that dates back to the nineteenth century.  ‘Quite a few home gardeners try to grow a pineapple, and some succeed in producing a fruit which is quite an achievement,’ Guy says. He adds that even if you are not well-equipped with expensive equipment, you can still successfully grow pineapple with ‘skill, enthusiasm and attention to detail.’

Why should you invest?

New York-based garden expert Karen Musgrave of Hicks Nurseries (opens in new tab) suggests it is no surprise that Crew Gaines is an admirer of the pineapple plant.  ‘The pineapple plant is a fun houseplant the entire family can enjoy growing,’ she says. The novelty of this houseplant, therefore, makes it a safe investment for families with children who can explore garden ideas at a young age.  ‘People – and especially children – enjoy the process of watching a tropical plant grow indoors. Over the last two years, people have discovered how fun gardening can be,’ she adds.  Will you recreate Joanna’s greenhouse this SS/22?