Joanna is the co-founder of Magnolia, a leading interior brand with global authority. Therefore, when Joanna shared a toy storage idea that didn’t sacrifice style, we were quick to take note.  Here, the designer reveals how to bring order to the most manic room of the home – in the best looking way possible. 

Joanna Gaines’s child bedroom storage secret 

The HGTV star is known for breathing new life into antique pieces, and her bedroom storage idea is no exception. On an episode of Fixer Upper (opens in new tab), Joanna invests in an antique toolbox to store crayons for her client’s children.  ‘One of the things I love to incorporate in kids’ spaces are funkier pieces,’ she explains. ‘This was an old toolbox, and so I always think it’s fun to find containers and things that you wouldn’t typically put colors in.’  The result is a unique storage solution that brings more than order to the space. Instead, the box stands as a focal point that will provoke conversation about its history and its new life as a toy holder. ‘It’s a really cute piece that has a story, but now you’re just giving it a new purpose,’ Joanna says. 

How to use antiques, the Joanna Gaines way

The designer’s kid’s room idea brings new life to a unique piece, but she is not alone in her admiration for restyled antique pieces.  H&G’s Editorial Director Sarah Spiteri similarly practices Joanna’s vintage tip in her own children’s room  –  explaining that they add ‘depth and character’ and ‘stop the space [becoming] too saccharin or cutesy’.  ‘I use a vintage black enamel drum painted with gorgeous cranes for my girls’ fancy dress box and store nappies in a battered old picnic basket,’ Sarah says. When it comes to styling, she reveals that balance is the key.  ‘You don’t want too much vintage or the room will start to look themed. Mix it up with modern design touches and playful, colorful touches. I’ve just bought some Etalage bobbin frames which I love.’ Plus, Joanna’s comments couldn’t have come at a better time. Antiques are predicted to sit at the peak of interior design trends this 2022, and Clara Ewart, Head of Design at Kitesgrove (opens in new tab), emphasizes how easy it is to follow the movement.   ‘There are many places to find wonderful antiques… which can be restored, re-upholstered and renewed whether you choose to go to a decorative fair or an auction house,’ she explains.  ‘Re-purposing one-off pieces of furniture or lighting will also provide a great sense of satisfaction to be continuing the life of an item which may otherwise have been discarded.’  In this case, it is Joanna Gaines’s toolbox, but it can be whatever you think will look best in your home. It’s time we get sourcing.