When a member of the family moves royal residences (or an entire family, as is the case here), it is only inevitable to want to catch a glimpse into their decorating ideas – and royal fans have not had to wait too long in this case.  Catherine, the Princess of Wales, recently shared an insight into one of the living spaces in Adelaide Cottage, which she shares with her husband, Prince William, and their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The room served as the backdrop to a video for Addiction Awareness Week, which Catherine shared via the Kensington Royal Twitter (below).  This footage is the first and only insight into the famous Adelaide Cottage and offers a hint at what the rest of the home’s decor might involve. The space is undeniably traditional – with its pink, white and red color ideas that make the space feel warming and welcoming but fittingly regal. The framed photographs that sit behind the Princess bring a sense of personality to the room and encourage us to incorporate sentimental pieces in our homes – whether that is through photos (such as these) or other heirlooms.  Beyond the color scheme and accessories, the room is a masterclass in luxurious textiles – seen primarily through its clean sofa and tossed cushions that add comfort without sacrificing style. A similar blend was seen in the family’s former home, Kensington Palace, in London. In that home (pictured below), the Prince and Princess similarly married warming textures with interior design trends – merging a large, comfortable sofa with printed cushions and striking houseplants.  Prince William and Kate’s move to Adelaide Cottage reportedly came after the couple wanted to give their children as normal an upbringing as possible. The home, which is just under thirty miles away from the center of London, is convenient for the children’s school and is also close to Windsor Castle – one of the most famous royal residences in the UK.  The four-bedroom property was initially a teahouse for Queen Adelaide in the early nineteenth century, but it quickly became more elegant after the reign over Queen Victoria (who used it as a guesthouse). The cottage has served as a prominent royal residence over recent years, but its new tenants, William and Catherine, will surely continue to bring the home firmly into the modern day – without losing its quintessential charm, naturally.