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How can I decorate my house for Christmas?

The perfect Christmas interior is a balance of large statement ‘wow’ pieces and smaller thoughtful details.  I love a large Christmas tree, for example, but I think it is just as important to consider table dressing details like beautiful candles, name places, gorgeous napkins and glassware – all worked into your chosen color theme.  My biggest advice with Christmas decorations is to have fun, look for new inspiration, and move things around in the space. It is easy to get stuck in a rut of doing exactly the same thing every year, so why not mix it up this year!

I like to change the color theme every year but keep the same base of metallics, crystal and lights.  This year, for example, I added a handful of beautiful blue decorations in place of the dusty pink and claret tones from last year. The blue looks fabulous against a lot of foliage and has a tranquil, peaceful elegance which is exactly the vibe I am going for.   To add interest, and an eclectic charm, add paper chains, ribbons and delicately finished baubles. Velvet ribbon and marbled paper will ensure the presents under the tree are as sophisticated and uniquely personal as the tree itself.

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How will you be decorating your home for Christmas 2021?

This year I wanted to make Christmas extra special for my children, so the festive feel has spilled over into every corner of our coastal beach house.  Layers of foliage decorate the fireplace, while garlands and wreaths decorate the front door and main staircase.  I love candle light in these cold, darker days, so candles feature heavily too – the antique brass candelabras to the dining table are a wonderfully elegant addition.   I wanted to create a fresh and uplifting feel and have added sea shells and pretty details throughout to delight and surprise.  Some examples: oranges nestled in the foliage on the dining table add a vibrant and joyful splash of color while the children’s bunk room has accents of crimson for a cozy yet traditional feel.  One of my favourite details is the hanging garland above the blue roll top bath in my bathroom, so unexpected and fun. As I said, every room has its own sprinkle of Christmas magic!

What is your favorite part of your home?

I love the cozy ambience of the living room. A roaring fire, well stocked bar and lots of soft throws and cushions create an informal and comfortable feel.  It’s the perfect space for catching up after a walk on the beach with the dogs, playing games or relaxing with a book.  The soft blue and white decor from my London showroom is wonderfully peaceful and the Christmas tree – decorated with layers of blue, gold and crystal,  adds a touch of glamor which I always like to have – a little bit of sparkle is good for the soul.

What is your favorite Christmas decorating tip?

I am passionate about the art of decorating our tree – and it is an art. My top tip is to add colored baubles last. It is easier to see where to add the color once the tree is nearly finished, and quite often, less is more. It gives me great pleasure to create something new and exciting every year for family and friends. Christmas is truly my favourite time of year, it’s all about family, being thankful for what we have; health, happiness and each other.