The founder and principal of her eponymously named label is known for her multi-layered, sensory-stimulating design approach – famously exhibited through her sculptural furniture designs and daring color palette (she was the first and only designer to collaborate with paint powerhouse Farrow & Ball, after all). It is, therefore, only natural that her Halloween decor ideas follow suit.  Knowing how to decorate tastefully for Halloween can often feel like a challenge – especially if your home’s color scheme clashes with traditional fall colors. However, this doesn’t need to stop you from celebrating the holiday. With nothing but spray paint (and some disco balls if you truly want to follow Kelly Wearstler’s lead), you can reinvent your conventional fall color scheme to ensure it fits your home’s style – and make a stylish statement in the process. ‘This display features an avant-garde assemblage of painted pumpkins in mottled monochromatic colors and anomalous shapes and sizes,’ Kelly says of her entryway idea on Pinterest (opens in new tab). The designer adds that her display ‘[moves]  beyond the expected Halloween aesthetic’ and replaces ‘orange hues and carved pumpkins’ with a more provocative talking point.  While the finished result is unlikely to look like any other display you will see this year, the process is not as daunting as it may seem.  The designer shared the steps behind her aptly-labeled ‘avant-gourde entryway’ on her TikTok (opens in new tab), in which she spray painted pumpkins on a large piece of paper outside her home. For the completed look, she paired the freshly-colored fruit alongside the disco balls she designed with the Dutch art collective Rotganzen (opens in new tab). Kelly Wearstler loves the holiday, and it shows. It is only natural to feel inspired by her ‘avant-gourde’ aesthetic – whether you replicate the entire display or just small pockets. Perhaps the easiest way to mimic Kelly’s style with ease is to pick up a white pumpkin (or pumpkins) that doesn’t require painting. This will allow you to follow her monochromatic lead, whatever your home’s style.  Interior designer Gillian Segal (opens in new tab) agrees. She, too, is known for her black-and-white approach to fall decorating – and recommends lining a row of white pumpkins up your driveway and around your front door. This will allow you to impress all who pass by your home before they get to your Wearstler-approved entryway.