In an unconventional (but certainly unsurprising) unveiling, the award-winner introduced her ’timeless’ Christmas garland idea to the West Coast – but her holiday garland is far from traditional.  The palm-based garland hangs as an oversized statement above the front door to her 1926 Georgian home.  Like any Christmas decorating idea we’d expect from Kelly Wearstler, the aptly-named Palm, and Princess Pine Holiday Garland is a celebration of California that makes us think about how we can rewrite our own holiday traditions in future.   ‘Every holiday season, I have the pleasurable challenge of the reinvention of the holiday spirit at our home. I love to collaborate with my trusted and talented friend, Sophia (opens in new tab),’ Kelly writes on her Instagram (opens in new tab) about her ‘Exterior Rebellion.’  This year I wanted to make an oversized statement at the front door that paid tribute to the architectural style of our home, a 1926 Georgian home,’ she says. ‘We decided to go with the Palm and Princess Pine as a modern take on the holiday garland.’ Kelly adds that the palm complements the architecture of the house and the existing sculptural plants to create a ‘flank entrance’ that brings the best of the summer and winter seasons together as one. ‘Palms are timeless, and we loved the idea of using them as a garland,’ she says.  Those who were waiting for Kelly’s take on outdoor Christmas decor ideas were not left disappointed. Interior designer Jeff Leatham and fashion designer Matilda Djerf shared their love for the alternative garland on Kelly’s post that she shared with her two million Instagram followers.  And, while this garland breaks away from the expected – it simultaneously taps into one of the biggest Christmas trends of 2022: Natural Christmas Decor. According to a recent study*, natural decorations are the fifth biggest interior trend of the year after acquiring 529,940 searches (and counting) across Google and TikTok.  With its organic shape, color, and noticeable lack of glitter, this garland is the perfect way to celebrate California’s natural assets, but, of course, we think it would look great far beyond the Golden State, too. *Study by Christmas Tree World (opens in new tab)