The collection, which consists of luxe woods, metals, textiles, and ceramics, pays homage to retro French, Italian, and Japanese design – through its range of soft yet solid and pronounced textures.  If you’re considering neutral living room ideas or investing in one of Kelly Wearstler’s pieces, or you’re flirting with the idea of natural-toned hues and materials in general, then it’s best to take influence from the guru herself. The leader of SoCal style has exclusively shared her interior design tips with H&G – and her advice will change how you consider neutral room ideas for good.  

Kelly Wearstler’s neutral styling secret – for a dramatic space  

‘Neutral tones and organic materials offer a beautifully soft palette, which can be used to create a pared-back setting and a moment of pause, or layered into a space for depth and drama,’ Kelly says.   ‘I love creating a conversation between the interior and its exterior through materials and textures that speak to the natural beauty of an environment. The intrinsically raw and imperfect nature of these materials not only offers tactile and visual interest but also speaks to the surrounding outdoor environment.’

How to style neutral and organic materials in your home  

Kelly Wearstler explains there are ‘many great ways’ to bring these textures and tones into your home. Firstly, they offer a ‘warm yet quiet backdrop that allows furniture and displayed objects of all colors and materials to really stand out.’ This means you can experiment with more striking furnishings without feeling like they are competing for attention in the space.  ‘For example, surrounding a bold geometric patterned sofa with a beige woven rug, a bleached oak side table, or a cool white marble coffee table allows the sofa space to breathe whilst also framing it within subtle areas of visual interest,’ Kelly says.  However, there are many ways to ‘add depth and drama to a space’ by using neutral room color ideas and organic materials only.  ‘You could create a strong contrast by juxtaposing textured neutrals,’ Kelly says. ‘For example, the textured natural white oak of my Palma Cabinet (opens in new tab), placed next to the curvaceous Morro Lounge Chair (opens in new tab) in a salty-hued boucle, creates a conversation between two pieces as they offer a striking contrast but also space to breathe. ‘There is something so calming and beautiful in a space adorned with a mixture of different finishes in neutral tones,’ the designer adds.  Now you know how to style these neutral pieces, the only thing left to do is invest.