The Tokyo-born, globally-admired organizer will share her expertise on her show – Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo that will come soon to the streaming service.  Following the success of her original series, Tidying Up, Marie will, once again, revolutionize our interiors from the small screen and surprise us with some added pockets of joy throughout the series.  See: Marie Kondo’s top 5 tidying tips – plus how to organize the KonMari way Throughout the episodes, Marie will teach us the fundamentals of her organization method and its impact on our relationships, businesses, and the wider community. The guru will also document the emotional, transformative power of tidying through real-world stories and share a rare glimpse into her own home and daily family routine.  In his discussion of the new series, Brandon Riegg, Vice President of Unscripted Originals & Acquisitions at Netflix, discusses the undeniable joy that Marie’s advice sparks in our home.  ‘Like so many of our members, the 2019 premiere of Tidying Up inspired me to “spark joy” and declutter my home,’ Brandon shares. ‘Since then, we’ve continued to see how home organization and design shows can motivate our members to improve their surroundings and their lives.’ he adds. 

The five things you should discard, according to Marie Kondo

We’ve decided to celebrate this announcement in the most appropriate way possible – with a declutter of our homes. We’ve rounded up the five things Marie Kondo recommends discarding to allow room for more joy in your life. 

1. Old electronic cords  

We know that all-too-familiar feeling of uncertainty, causing us to cling onto old cords when we invest in a new device. Instead of creating a list of unlikely scenarios involving ten-year-old flip phones, Marie urges us to part with unused wires.  She also urges us to throw away boxes, suggesting we should buy a new box if we ever need to transport or resell our devices.  See: Marie Kondo’s top 5 home office tidying tips – conquer paperwork forever

2. Extra bed linen

That spare linen in your airing cupboard? It’s time to let it go.  According to Marie, one of the easiest ways to increase our storage space is by parting with our infrequently used comforters, sheets, and pillows. These bulky items are notorious for taking up a vast amount of room; and if you don’t regularly accommodate guests, they aren’t worth the space.  

3. Paper 

We’re all a little guilty when it comes to clinging onto mountains of old paper, just in case. Follow Marie’s advice and remove old receipts, cards, bank statements, and everything in between, and you will soon reap the benefits.  There are only three exceptions to Marie’s rule: papers that must be kept indefinitely, papers you are currently using, and papers that are needed for a limited period of time.

4. Free cosmetic samples 

Anyone else holding onto that eye-cream sample from five years ago? Clearing your cosmetic bag, drawer, or dressing table from these untouched samples is one of the quickest ways to declutter, but the benefits in your bedroom or dressing room are simply indisputable. 

5. Untouched books 

Bookworms, look away now – Marie’s advice is not what you might want to hear.  The decluttering expert provokes us to clear out any unread books, suggesting it is unlikely we will find the time to read them if we have not already. While it will be hard to say goodbye to some titles, the short-term pain will only equate to long-term gain when we can enjoy a decluttered home. Marie knows best, after all.  Shop Marie Kondo’s books for more tips (opens in new tab) – yes, we recognize the irony… As we hear more about Ms Kondo’s new series, we WILL update you.