Talking about her small garden ideas, Martha shared an insight into her aptly-named ‘small greenhouse,’ where the space is limited – but filled with abundant greenery.  But what is the secret to this space? Martha explains the key involves using leftover cut tree stumps that allow her to grow vertically. And, alongside their space-enhancing qualities, these offcuts will help protect your plants from the harsh winter climate.  In her blog (opens in new tab), she explains her compact greenhouse ideas that will transform your small space and ensure your plants continue thriving throughout the cooler seasons. 

Martha Stewart’s small garden tip

‘Because the “little greenhouse” has limited room and my cymbidiums are growing so well, we needed to be a bit creative with their storage. We often use leftover stumps from cut trees as bases for our pots and container garden – these can make better use of the vertical garden space,’ Martha says in the discussion of the leftover cuts.  These stumps elevate and separate the plant, while Martha uses smaller scraps of wood as ‘shims for under the pots’ to level the planters and promote better drainage.  The gardening and lifestyle expert further demonstrated her tip on the cymbidium plant, explaining how the side with no stump looks’ quite crowded and the plants are too close together’. However, on the right side, where the wood sits, there is ‘more room and air circulation between the plants.’ Plus, Martha isn’t alone in her admiration for vertical planting, especially in small gardens. Backyard Envy star Garrett Magee similarly recommends Martha’s tip to his clients in New York and Los Angeles’ compact courtyard gardens, where he has practiced space-saving techniques for a decade.  In an interview with H&G, Garrett says that he too raises his pots and planters onto pot feet – to create extra space underneath the planter.  ‘It helps with drainage, and – in the winter – it helps keep the pots off the floor and above the harsh winters that can be hard on the plant. Just raising them by one inch can help so much,’ he adds.  Their garden idea will elevate exteriors beyond the city, but it’s a great place to start – and as Martha suggests – the time is now.  

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