Little is known about the couple’s Californian royal residence (aside from the odd glimpse and leaked detail, such as Meghan Markle’s favorite candle and Archie’s chicken coop). And, it seems that its interiors will remain a mystery. According to British newspaper Mail on Sunday (opens in new tab), the backdrop in the Harry and Megan documentary (previewed below) is a $33 million mansion located approximately 9 minutes drive from the Sussex’s $14 million estate.  While you would be forgiven for believing the 13,599-square-foot property belonged to the couple, it is not the case. Instead, its former owner was Mark Schulhof, an eco-activist, and CEO of Quadriga Arts. The Mail speaks of Mark’s ‘disgraced’ past after he was charged with pocketing $116 million in a ‘fundraising scam that targeted disabled veterans.’ Meghan and Harry’s home recently made headlines after a royal biographer Tina Brown labeled the home a ‘humble cottage’ compared to the homes owned by their neighbors. The filming location, however, is one of the world’s best homes, complete with a large lawn, pool, private cinema and spa, and luxe 24 ft-high ceilings, to name a few of its unique assets.  A photo posted by on The home’s listing speaks of the ‘vast ocean views, flat grounds, luxe amenities, and incredible design coalescing’ at the impressive estate. ‘With an address that embodies good fortune and prosperity, [the home] was exquisitely executed to embody the California Dream at its finest,’ it says.  The Montecito mansion is much larger than Meghan and Harry’s boasting 16 bathrooms rather than the six bathrooms the Sussexes have. Meghan and Harry never claimed the house in the Netflix show was theirs, but the Mail reports that the property has gained much attention since its reveal in the series. A Hollywood producer shared that it was ‘a little tone-deaf’ to film in such an opulent environment ‘when there is so much suffering in the real world’, though arguably the Sussexes will have been keen to kept their own home private. The first episode of the series aired on December 8th, but more are available from this Thursday, December 15. Not much is known about the filming location of the next installment, but we’ll be waiting for a glimpse into the couple’s permanent home.