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The entire project was new construction. ‘We completed the design portion of the project in a little over 6 months, from the initial design concepts to the installation, so that it was ready in time for the family to enjoy it for their first ski season,’ explains Elizabeth Cooper. ‘Because there are several member’s lodges and clubhouses throughout this amazing property, that have a very traditional mountain/alpine aesthetic, the homeowners and I decided to include some traditional mountain elements –such as the dark wood kitchen cabinetry – while also making the interiors be reflective of their more colourful, classic aesthetic to really personalise it and differentiate.’ ‘We also wanted to make sure that the space was light and airy in look and feel. We worked with the homeowner’s dear childhood friend, who’s also a friend of and a client of mine, Evie Simon of Simon Breitbard Fine Arts, to select the art,’ remembers Elizabeth. ‘The art is by contemporary artists. The subject matter of the various art pieces was also an important factor in really connecting it to the mountain location.’



‘We kept the furnishings intentionally simple so as not to detract from the beautiful view,’ says Elizabeth. ‘Because the deck is immediately off of the living room, we wanted the cushions on the chairs to relate to the color palette of the living room to create a nice flow between the two spaces. The chairs can be folded and put away for easy winter storage.’




‘The homeowners frequently have family and close friends stay with them so both children’s rooms have a pair of bunkbeds plus a trundle bed. Perfect for sleepovers with cousins and friends.’



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‘All of the bathrooms have Wallpaper – most with motifs from nature such as flowers, bumblebees, and birds.’


‘With its navy blue sectional, decorative pillows, and green leather ottoman, this is a ideal spot to relax and read a book or watch a movie after a long day of skiing, hiking, or fly fishing.’


‘This was an antique table that I also sourced in London that we re-purposed as a little bar cart. The cowboy art is one of my favourite pieces – especially for the Montana location,’ says Elizabeth.


‘I love the juxtaposition of the antique Gustavian table, with the photograph of a Buffalo above it, which relates really nicely to the little black bench below,’ recalls Elizabeth. ‘It’s a small space, with just a few statement pieces and minimal colour, that create a really lovely vignette together.’ Photography/ Kelley and Peter Gibeon Interior design/ Elizabeth Cooper (opens in new tab)