While August is the month of travel, it is equally the month where our gardens experience dramatic growth and change; as Monty himself says, ‘August is really a new season and carries the weight of summer and the seeds of winter.’  It is, therefore, more important than ever to take care of your garden from afar – but preparation is vital. Monty shares his garden ideas in a new post (opens in new tab)– that will maintain your exteriors in your absence.  Where should we begin? ‘Mow the lawn, weed, and make sure plants are well supported,’ Monty begins.  The garden expert is famed for his grass cutting tips, but he urges you to cut your lawn short this month, especially before traveling. ‘All long grass can be cut and collected and subsequently kept mown short. This transforms meadows as well as being an essential part of encouraging wildflowers,’ Monty explains. If you’re looking for the best lawn mowers to try before you fly, then our guide is a great place to start.  Part of the plant-supporting process involves protecting flowers from August’s inevitable hot climate, so Monty suggests compensating for the heat before you leave.  ‘Pots are most likely to suffer in hot weather, and an irrigation system is ideal, but at [the] very least give them a good soak before you go. Ideally, move smaller pots into the shade and group them together, which will reduce evaporation,’ he says. In the discussion of his vegetable garden ideas, Monty also suggests asking neighbors or loved ones to help maintain your garden whilst you are away. This is especially recommended if you are a vegetable crop or sweet peas that are ready for picking.  Now you can rest easy on vacation, knowing you can return to a garden that looks just as wonderful as it did when you left. Bon voyage.