The advice from the BBC Gardener’s World presenter will ensure your garden is abundant for the springtime, but while this may seem like a long way ahead, the process begins right now.  Sharing his expert garden ideas in his blog (opens in new tab), Monty reveals why now is the (unexpected) time to begin preparation – and why your actions now will reap benefits throughout 2022.  ‘October is really the beginning of the horticultural year… It is time to start planning and preparing for next spring and summer. What you do now – and some things that you do not do – will make a huge difference to your 2022 garden,’ Monty explains.  This involves replanting your garden, which is among the most pressing jobs of October. ‘Start digging any ground that you want to replant this winter or use next spring,’ Monty urges. He adds that the October climate is best for digging as it is dry, accessible, and offers more daylight – just before the clocks go back at the end of the month.  While Monty’s cottage garden idea is timely, he suggests that you still have the flexibility to slow down the process over the remainder of the month – if you pick up the spade now.  ‘[If it] seems daunting, do 30 minutes a week in two 15 minute sessions. Leave the soil in large slabs for the weather to break down over winter,’ Monty explains.  Similarly, while Monty’s raised garden bed ideas differ slightly from his general growing advice, he suggests it is still important to prepare them now – for best results in spring.  ‘If you have raised beds – and if not October is an ideal month for making them – mulch them with an inch or so of garden compost as they become clear, leaving the worms to work it in ready for sowing or planting next spring,’ Monty adds.  As unorthodox as it may feel, the journey to a springtime garden begins right now – and with Monty Don’s small garden ideas – we expect the process will be seamless indeed.