These fairytale-esque staples bless your interiors with subtle hints of the supernatural, whilst making your scheme feel more playful. Though, perhaps unsurprisingly, we are not exclusive in our adoration for these motifs, as decor experts are equally as captivated by their organic aesthetic. Here, they share their interior design tips so you can inject their magic throughout your home.  

While mushrooms have delighted the palette of many homes over the last five decades, Head Buyer at Heal’s (opens in new tab), Sabina, suggests the craze stems from our newfound desire to provoke fun in our home – and curate an element of escapism – to a mysterious new setting.  ‘Spending so much time at home has led to customers becoming more relaxed with their interior choices, creating spaces which boldly reflect their personalities. The silhouette offered by mushroom-like designs is a great way to add interest to an existing scheme and create an element of fun that will bring a smile to your face,’ Sabina says. Plus, Etsy’s (opens in new tab) Trend Expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, suggests social media is also responsible for the rise of mushroom motifs, which has led to a ‘131% increase in searches for mushroom lamps’ and a ‘2308% increase in searches for mushroom pillows and pillowcases.’ This is a trend of fairy tales, after all.

How to style the mysterious mushroom in a modern home 

Mushrooms motifs can take on many guises, from fanciful to strong modern forms. These are just some of our favorite takes.

1. Turn floral displays into Funghi

‘There is always something magical about an apothecary, filled with beautiful plants, potions, and ingredients,’ explains designer and hotelier Kit Kemp in her exploration of the rules of magic (opens in new tab). ‘Whilst you might be in a space of luxury, I like to bring a little whimsy and intrigue to remind people that these grand spaces don’t have to be serious. Colorful mushrooms, beautifully arranged starfish, and flowers make their way into our interiors at every turn.’ The most subtle but no less mystical way to follow Kit’s advice is to mimic her mushroom accessory (above), which graces the interiors of Ham Yard and The Whitby Hotel.

2. Experiment with mushroom wallpaper 

‘Mushrooms are making their way from gardens and wellness to home decor as shoppers continue to embrace the Friluftsliv trend of bringing the outdoors in,’ says Dayna, in a discussion that prompts our future wallpaper ideas.  Just as the botanical trend splashes the aesthetic of the great outdoors into our interiors, the mushroom motif trend celebrates the same style. For a delicious celebration of the craze, pair the mushrooms with a chintz design that creates the mystery of a verdant faraway landscape in your living room.   

3. Bring mushrooms to the dinner table

Dinner party season has arrived – but how do you set your table aside? The answer, of course, lies in the magic of mushrooms. This month, we’re serving mushrooms on and off our plates by following Bordallo Pinheiro’s (opens in new tab) lead and investing in accessories, such as these salt and pepper holders. They’re the whimsical addition to every dinner table and will turn your party from ordinary to somewhat supernatural instantly.  Plus, your outdoor dining ideas will benefit from the mushroom’s whimsical aesthetic that will turn your garden into a fairytale forest. 

4. Inject vibrant pockets into a neutral scheme…

Perhaps the biggest and most timeless mushroom styling tip is that of Verner Panton. The late figure hoped his work would ‘provoke people into using their imagination’ but experimenting with lights – in the shape of a mushroom.  Most people spend their lives living in dreary, grey-beige conformity, mortally afraid of using colors. By experimenting with lighting, colors, textiles, and furniture and utilizing the latest technologies, I try to show new ways to encourage people to use their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting,’ Verner shared. 

5. … Or keep it natural

The mushroom motif trend is colorful, but it can be neutral, too. You can embrace the craze without interrupting your neutral scheme with The MushLume Lighting Collection (opens in new tab) by Danielle Trofe that is made entirely from organic, sustainable, and biodegradable mushroom material.  Yes, these lights (above) not only resemble the trendy shape, but they stem directly from funghi themselves, and they have a minimal impact on the environment, in case you needed any more convincing to invest. This modern kitchen lighting idea is the most daring take on the trend thus far.  However you inject these motifs, you can trust the mystery of mushrooms to elevate your interiors to magical new heights. It’s time to make that fairytale a reality.