See: Garden patio ideas – for a welcoming outdoor living space Exclusively shot at various regional landmarks, Berkus’s greenhouse-inspired space (opens in new tab)– located in New York City’s Flatiron Plaza – is not only stunning but a complete blueprint for anyone lacking inspiration this spring season. 

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The interior designer’s space highlights a checkerboard flooring made of outdoor pavers mixed with turf – based on a traditional 18th-century French pattern.  He then pairs the flooring to perfection by complementing it with wood furniture featuring washable cushions and deep luxurious seating, pulling the entire layout together with outdoor planters and a sophisticated string of lights.  All in all, it’s exquisitely executed – and with all seven standout pieces available for purchase at Sam’s Club, now is the perfect time to re-create this standout scene.  Continue scrolling to bring Nate Berkus’ outdoor oasis to life – in the comfort of your own backyard. 

1.  Start by adding sophisticated ambiance to outdoor spaces

Nate’s Design Tip: ‘You want your outdoor space to feel like an extension of how you live inside.’

2. Complement patios with gorgeous greenery

Nate’s Design Tip: ‘Greenery and florals are the easiest way to bring natural texture to space. And this also applies to your backyard or patio. Buy in bulk and green it up to celebrate the start of spring.’ Light up any deck or patio by adding this 36’ strand of LED cafe lights (opens in new tab). They deliver consistently white, attractive light and unprecedented energy efficiency for a light source you never have to replace; sure to keep the outdoor gatherings going well through the night. 

3. Extend an olive branch (literally)

Nate’s Design Tip: ‘Whether it’s succulents in planters, a vase of branches, or a garland on a table, it will immediately elevate your outdoor area.’ Continue livening up your space with a fragranced filler (opens in new tab) with a long vase life. Whether used as a focal point or with other floral arrangements, this eucalyptus’s specific shape, size and scent make it endlessly versatile. 

4. Delegate funds to a worthwhile seating arrangement

Nate’s Design Tip: ‘I love the Valencia Eucalyptus Patio set for this reason, plus – it has deep seating and couldn’t be more elegant.’ This eco-friendly olive branch (opens in new tab)supplier uses nutrient-rich recycled water at their Watsonville farm, which helps conserve local resources, slow seawater intrusion, and reduces the need for fertilizer.

5. Have a handful of cozy options on hand for when temperatures begin to dip

Nate’s Design Tips: ‘Bring out pillows and throws and add an outdoor rug – whether on the grass for a picnic or under your patio furniture.’ This 4-piece seating set (opens in new tab)conveniently seats four people and includes a sofa, two armchairs, and a coffee table. Made of solid ‘Eucalyptus Grandis’ wood, grown in 100% well-managed forests in Brazil, and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), this arrangement is durable and perfect for outdoor use.

6. Use a coffee table to create a conversation circle

Nate’s Design Tip: ‘I always reach for well-made things, and outdoor furniture needs to be especially hardworking.’ When temperatures begin to dip at nighttime, wrap yourself or your loved ones up with this ultra-soft throw (opens in new tab) with a playful twist. Featuring a beautifully subdued design, offering irresistible coziness, the stylish fringed edges are an unexpected-yet-well-welcomed added touch. 

7. Invest in multi-functional pieces 

Nate’s Design Tip: ‘I’m also a fan of an outdoor fire pit, they are really cozy especially on cooler nights.’ Try adding this stool – which can move seamlessly from indoors to out – to keep things fun and functional while curling up next to a fire.  Constructed from Indonesian teak — a conscientiously grown, renewable organic material harvested from plantation forests— this coffee table (opens in new tab)bridges the gap between a classic design boasts craftsmanship and the finest material. 

This Braga stool (opens in new tab) is an exceptional cross-functional piece, serving as a stool, an occasional table, a planter, or a multipurpose container. The sturdy steel construction is ideal for both indoor and outdoor-use deeming this handsome versatile as ever. 

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