Sticking with their roots, Roberts has designed the Beacon to look as good as it sounds and retains the familiar retro-inspired style. Inside, however, it’s nothing but cutting-edge technology enabling effortless wireless connection and a crystal clear audio experience. Starting strong, the speaker is launching in two models; the Roberts Beacon 320 (opens in new tab) and the Roberts Beacon 330 (opens in new tab).  Both models have multi-directional dual bass radiators, allowing the tunes to fill your space entirely. The acoustics are then channelled through a Yorkshire-milled speaker cloth for a powerful and rich sound. While both devices are top of the range, the 330 offers more features, including a wireless stereo feature, where when you can link two Beacon 330s together to create a truly multi-dimensional audio experience. This model is also for the more detail-orientated, with adjustable EQ and Bass Boost. The other main difference between the two models is the Beacon 330 has 15 hours portable play time to the 12 hours of the 320.

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It simply wouldn’t be a Roberts Radio product if this new speaker wasn’t available in a range of colors, and the Beacon has nine stunning shades to choose from. Across the two models, the hues are a mix of classic Roberts shades as well as a few brand new colorways. The Beacon 330 comes in Pastel Cream, Duck Egg, Carbon Black and Berry Red, while the 320 has a choice of Charcoal Grey, Sunburst Yellow, Teal Blue, Midnight Blue and Dusky Pink. Somewhere in this rainbow you’re sure to find a match for your interiors style.