The global authority on color categorized the significant tones as ‘Core Classics’ whose ‘versatility express longevity’ following a recent trend report for S/S 21. If you’re looking for paint ideas with an enduring appeal, this list is for you.  In response to color trends from the recent New York Fashion Week, Pantone shared their predictions (opens in new tab) for the tones set to be big news next year. It was alongside these fashionable crazes, that they explored the ‘core’ collection that, Pantone believes, will continue to make waves in the interiors industry.  The Spring/Summer 2022 Core Classics showcases an ageless selection of safe but nonetheless beautiful shades that will remain the basis of all paint trends – but which shades make the cut?

1. Snow White

Decorating with white remains enduringly popular, so we are pleased to report that white makes the list – Pantone launches the selection with the minimalist tones of Snow White (opens in new tab), labeled by the authority as a clean and pure shade that provokes our craving for simplicity and continuous serenity. 

2. Perfectly Pale beige

Next on the list is Perfectly Pale (opens in new tab), a sandy beige shade reminiscent of a calm and sunny beach – though we think it has more than a touch of gray to it. It’s easy to see why beige living rooms and bedrooms have remained popular – this easy-to-work-around neutral adds a touch of warmth to rooms that are north- and east-facing, which is particularly welcome if your rooms are light-starved.

3. Basil green

Decorating with green has become particularly popular post-pandemic – and this wouldn’t be an iconic list if green failed to make an appearance. But thankfully, this natural color holds a place in the top five – so you don’t need to rewrite your easy paint ideas anytime soon. Pantone chose Basil (opens in new tab), a dusty green that promotes organic health and wellbeing

4. Northern Droplet gray

Gray proper makes the list in the form of Northern Droplet (opens in new tab), a subtle gray that oozes tranquility. It doesn’t surprise us – our grey living room ideas gallery is amongst the most viewed on our website, and this color is incredibly easy to build around.

5. Poppy Seed gray

Finally, to solidify gray’s enduring power, Pantone concludes the list with Poppy Seed (opens in new tab) – the second gray shade with a deeper aesthetic that radiated an ageless familiarity. ‘Colors for Spring/Summer 2022 bring together our competing desires for comforting familiarity and joyful adventure through a range of soothing and timeless colors, along with joyous hues that celebrate playfulness,’ explains Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman.  Leatrice adds that these color trends allow us to explore new ‘personalized style and spontaneous color statements.’  We predict these colors will remain a part of interior trends for countless seasons to come. They are core classics, after all.