Starting January 28th, a curated selection of the collection will be available to purchase through Keaton Industries’s online showroom at Perigold. Keaton – and Gray – drew inspiration from the two-time Academy Award winner’s life; her infatuation with black and white design, paired with statement-making decor, is visible throughout.  “Many of the shapes and patterns in the collection are reminiscent of what is in my home. It’s about repetition and continuity,” says Keaton. 

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The versatile collection can punctuate any space – from industrial chic to modern farmhouse styles, with the intent of every piece having the ability to mix-and-match. The main goal? For ’every shade [to] tell a different story,’ Keaton further explains.  So, for anyone looking to style their home the Diane Keaton-approved way (opens in new tab)?  Now is your chance. For a limited time, you can shop pendant lights, barrel shades, and lighting accessories available at Perigold. Continue scrolling to see our top five must-have items from the newly-released collection.

1. The modern metal pendant that’s worth the investment 

2. This chic calcite choice

3. The patterned pendant that will pop

4. The marblelized must-have

5. The petroleum composition  

Still, want more? Check out additional Perigold x Diane Keaton pairings below: 

Graphite Bell Pendant (opens in new tab)Jasper Colander Pendant (opens in new tab)Colander Pendant (opens in new tab)

The configuration of this jasper pendant (opens in new tab) will be familiar to fans of modern farmhouse style and industrial-chic interiors. Constructed of metal —that has been treated to an enamel coating — the black and cream ornament on elegantly descends from a black cap.

The crevices moving along the metal exterior of the calcite lavalière (opens in new tab) are a nod to the mineral of the same name, but the enameled metal surface it’s captured on twists this elemental into a powerful scheme statement for any room needing a taste of patina.

Emulate a farmhouse feel while making an impactful declaration with this patterned fixture. (opens in new tab) Made from metal — treated in an enamel coating —this black and cream fixture also features ‘+’ repetitions throughout its base. 

This calcite pendant (opens in new tab) perfectly combines industrial-chic interiors with modern farmhouse vogue. Mimicking the veining in the stone for which it is named after, this marble-inspired pendant is available in three sensational shades. 

As mineral quartz, flint is the consummate comrade for igniting a burst out of entries, as this match (opens in new tab) will illuminate rooms while injecting character to spaces.