Dartmoor National Park is still owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, who also still own the fishing rights on the property. Therefore, the sale of a freehold property is an unusual opportunity to live in a royally owned area – making it one of the most unique properties in England’s southwest – and one of the world’s best homes.  Built from a combination of rare granite and topped 26000 red clay tiles, the home showcases extraordinary Edwardian architecture against a rolling verdant backdrop. However, while its exteriors are something to behold – the interiors are equally as regent.  Firstly, the luxury entrance hall is a source of entryway ideas, from the ornate fireplace and high ceilings to the wood paneling and marble floor that reflects the hanging chandelier.  These features continue into the primary living space, where the color scheme flows from a red to a cool blue – merging English traditionalism with contemporary color trends for the year ahead. There are a further six reception rooms that maintain the regent decor features, from their elaborate soft furnishings to the wooden window seats with accompanying views that stretch across the National Park.   Meanwhile, the property resets country kitchen ideas through its monochromatic palette that creates a contrast against the warm wooden cupboards and brass accents that are dotted around the space.  Brimptsmead Estate also has six bedrooms and six bathrooms that boast a similar view. The neutral-hued rooms also pay homage to a range of interior design trends, from the neutral palette to the statement artwork that creates a focal point above the bed.  Perhaps the property’s pièce de résistance, however, is the secret party barn that sits discreetly behind the main house. French doors lead from the party barn to an eleven-meter balcony for observing the southwestern kingdom. From here, there is a gate that offers direct access to the moor, over which there is right to roam.  Brimptsmead Estate is currently listed with Knight Frank for £4.95 million. You can discover more here (opens in new tab).