See: Living room ideas – clever ways to decorate living spaces The coveted design guru, who is celebrating the successful launch of his debut furniture collection with A.R.T Furniture (opens in new tab), revealed his secrets to curating the perfect living room exclusively with Homes & Gardens. 

Bobby Berk’s tips for styling the perfect living room

Follow Bobby Berk’s living room styling tips to transform your space – and check out his website (opens in new tab) for more style inspiration.  

1. Invest in quality paint

The 39-year-old television personality says picking the right paint color can make or break your space. ‘I typically lean more neutral so I love to start with a good white paint color that can bounce the light around the room and make it feel larger.’  See: Living room paint ideas – stylish ways with paint, and expert decor tips

2. Add a beautiful – and properly proportioned – rug

Bobby believes a rug acts as the foundation of your living room – noting It’s important to select a rug that fits properly in the space. ‘Many people think that they can get away with an 8 x 10 when in fact most people should size up to a 9 x 12,’ he explains. ‘My rule is that at a minimum all the front feet of your furniture should be grounded on the rug.’ 

3. Create a conversation with your furniture

After painting and laying down your rug, the best-selling author gives the green light to add furniture. ‘I like to mix a sofa with two chairs vs. pairing two sofas in a room as it makes the pieces more conversational together and also breaks up the “matchy matchy” look,’ he says. 

4. Good lighting is key

The Emmy-nominated personality says the right lighting scheme is key to a well-lit room.  ‘I like to have three different types of lighting. They typically will consist of “overhead lighting,” which will come from the overhead fixtures you have, “diffused lighting” which can come in through a fabric lampshade or opaque glass shade, and “task lighting” which will come from directional lamps or task lights.’ As for the final look, Bobby says implementing his lighting techniques will help illuminate the space, making it appear lighter and brighter. ‘Adding multiple focal points to your room to keep eyes bouncing around so it appears much bigger than it is.’  See: Living room lighting ideas – clever ways to light your living space

5. Let your personality shine through

Your living room’s aesthetic will act as a reflection of you – and your guests will take note. The Texas native encourages his clients and followers to put their personality on display when styling their space.  See: Decorating with antiques – 5 top tips from designer Henriette von Stockhausen ‘Whether that comes in through art that makes you happy when you look at it, a vintage throw that you picked up while on vacation, or a family photo, make sure that it’s your own space,’ he says of ways to showcase your personal style. ‘It is those little touches that will go a long way in bringing character and life into your space.’