Beloved by decor enthusiasts, this versatile hue is the basis of all grey living room ideas and has set design trends across recent seasons – yet its treasured power shows no signs of wavering.  Instead, John Lewis (opens in new tab) revealed their gray sofa sales have increased by 117% compared to last year, while Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin, announced the gray Truman (opens in new tab) (below) is the label’s best-selling sofa.  ‘Neutral and easy to style, gray works with all color palettes. Over the last year, our top two best-selling fabrics for the Togo (opens in new tab) sofa have changed from a rich yellow and red to two different tones of gray,’ adds Asa Hirst, Commercial Director of Ligne Roset, talking about grey sofa living room ideas.  But what exactly makes gray so irresistibly powerful? Here, designers share their interior design tips, so you can invest in the piece of the year in confidence.  ‘A gray neutral-colored sofa provides the perfect foundation to create a colorful and interesting cushion arrangement. You won’t be restricted to a certain palette and will be free to mix pattern, texture, and color as you wish,’ explains designer Birdie Fortescue (opens in new tab).  Plus, as we approach cooler seasons, Birdie suggests you don’t need to shy away from a gray sofa investment. Rather, this flexible color can evolve to accentuate your interiors across the seasons.  ‘With a neutral-colored sofa, one that doesn’t shout summer or winter, you can easily switch your cushions and throws according to the season,’ Birdie says. She suggests reevaluating your living room ideas by changing your throw pillows to reflect the seasons – ’leaving you with a great result requiring minimal effort and expense’.  Beyond its versatility, Furniture Buyer at Heal’s (opens in new tab), Hannah Armstrong, suggests that the gray sofa revolution stems from their relationship with the most stylish interior styles, including ‘sophisticated Scandi-styling to monochrome maximalism and everything in between.’  ‘Gray is a versatile shade that will always stay in fashion. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that it often comes out on top as the most popular color choice for sofas,’ Hannah explains.  ‘Opting for gray means that you can always have the freedom to update your accessories and style choices whenever you feel like a refresh, rather than committing to an overall theme – it’s much more of a smart than safe color choice, and will ensure your living room never feels out of date,’ she adds.  Will you succumb to the power of gray, or have you already fallen for its indisputable power? If not, it’s only a matter of time, we promise.  *Study by (opens in new tab).