In a clear break away from the muted hues seen in the color trends of 2022, the paint powerhouse has named the daring Raspberry Blush as their Color of the Year for 2023 – and offered an equally bold palette to accompany.  While paint trends suggest some degree of ephemerality, we are sure that this inspiring shade is just the right side of vivacious to continue to inspire for years to come. This orange-red color is bound to make us reassess how we approach red room ideas. Designed unapologetically to never be simply a backdrop, the shade is the perfect hue to introduce bold shades to those who are a little more color conscious.  ‘Raspberry Blush is the definition of a charismatic color,’ says Helen Shaw, UK Director at Benjamin Moore (opens in new tab). ‘It’s a vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink, and it enlivens the senses with an eclectic optimism.’ Decorating with red has perhaps never been so inviting. At a time when maximalist decor trends and design is pushing the boundaries of how we design a home, bright bold shades are bringing our homes to life. Named the most eye-catching color for a reason, red tones can be an intimidating shade to introduce to a space, particularly for those who a few years ago may never have dreamed of red bedroom ideas, say.  ‘It’s a bold choice,’ admits Helen, ‘but it is one that moves beyond the muted or neutral hues that we all love, to bring a standout color into our spaces.’ Raspberry Blush can enliven a space in simpler ways if you are not quite ready to commit to the daring schemes of the 2023 palette. Adding the shade subtly to a door or window frame, for example, or to painted furniture ideas can still make a strong impression while building color confidence.  ‘This big overarching trend of moving towards more saturated colors, is really brought about by the seismic shift in people’s relationships with their home and the changing role that our homes have in our lives,’ explains Helen, speaking on the inspirations for the bright shades. ‘People are choosing to create spaces that feel much more personal and to express themselves through color – even the least color confident consumers are increasingly seeking to complement neutrals with moments of more expressive color in their homes.’

The Benjamin Moore Color Palette of the Year 2023

Far from lacking in courageousness, the Benjamin Moore 2023 palette continues to demand attention and dares you to invite bold, bright shades into every corner of your home. Wenge is a beautifully rich chocolate shade with scrumptious hints of brown, black, and violet to truly warm up your space in a year where brown is back at the forefront of designers’ minds. Savannah Green adds a luxurious touch to any space as it takes decorating with yellow to a new level. Described as ‘similar to adding gold leaf to your walls’, the shade is a stunning statement made of ochre, yellow, and green. Cinnamon, like its namesake, is a deliciously warming shade. The rich brown is touched with orange undertones and is vying for a position as a new neutral in 2023.   Conch Shell captures the essence of perfect pink, with the dusty hue inspired by vintage sepia tones and old film cameras. It is no surprise that pinks such as these have been named the most beautiful color for a room by experts. Starry Night Blue offers an intense blue hue to the mix to contrast the warmer shades of the rest of the palette, perfect for color drenching. North Sea Green is the ultimate relaxing shade that combines the relaxing tones of grey-blue with more saturated blue-green hues. New Age is a wonderfully ethereal purple, perfect for bedroom color ideas. The shade is grounded with a drop of soft grey, grounding the lavender color and allowing the paint to change in the light between grey and lavender before your very eyes.  The new Benjamin Moore Color of the Year and the accompanying palette are now available at the Benjamin Moore (opens in new tab) online store.