Rather than declaring one significant shade as a leader in upcoming interior design trends, Lick has released a palette comprising eight shades that all have core themes in common. The label hopes that every hue will prompt us to reconnect with our surroundings, prompting us to slow down to celebrate sustainable design and biophilia. 

Lick’s 2023 color palette

The themes behind the palette have never felt quite so apt. They follow the rise of biophilia and slow design that mirrors the desire to be more emotionally and physically connected to our surroundings.  Similarly, the shades reflect our lifestyle shift toward more sustainable living and eco decor. This includes a deeper understanding of how our home influences not just our mental health but also the health of our planet. With these themes in mind, Lick’s organic paint ideas came to play. So, which tones have made it to the peak of Lick’s predictions? Five of the eight hues (Pink 13 Nashville House (opens in new tab), Beige 02 Soho Farmhouse (opens in new tab), Taupe 03 Soho Rock House (opens in new tab), and Teal 03 76 Dean Street (opens in new tab)) come from the label’s new Soho House Collection – inspired by eight Soho House locations worldwide. The remaining three shades come in the shape of Orange 02, (opens in new tab) Teal 01 (opens in new tab), and White 06 (opens in new tab). ‘We predict that in 2023, people will be gravitating toward a nature-inspired color scheme of grounding neutrals, paired with earthy oranges, rich greens, and mentally stimulating teals,’ says Lick’s trend expert, Matilda Martin. ‘These colors will encourage you to slow down and be more mindful of your environment, to look out the window, and take a moment to reconnect with the natural world that surrounds you. After all, nature is a source of healing, energy, and stability. And so are the colors in this palette. Their warming yellow and pink undertones will both calm and recharge you, whilst their heavy black pigment gives them a grounding, timeless feel.’ And, while the label of a color trend may imply something fleeting, Matilda explains that these tones will endure long beyond 2023. Just as they celebrate ‘slow living,’ the expert labels them as ‘slow colors’ that are versatile enough to adapt to any decorating ideas you may flirt with in the future.  ‘Simultaneously strong yet subtle, this palette is a curation of slow colors,’ she says. ‘Easy on the eye, inviting, and versatile, this palette has something for everyone.’ But how do you style the palette? The answer, according to Matilda, comes down to your home. ‘At Lick, we believe that color psychology is fundamental to finding the right colors for your home and understanding the powerful influence color has on how you feel and engage with your surroundings,’ she says. ‘The power of this palette lies in each color having its own unique identity and ability to make you feel different emotions and behave differently.’ With their enduring beauty and their relevance to Soho House’s ever-admired aesthetic, we have a prediction of our own: these shades are worth the investment