While some floral trends can often feel timely, Martha’s tip is simple enough that it won’t fall out of fashion. However, despite its ease, its impact is unrivaled. All you need is a handful of big-petaled blooms (from either your garden or local nursery) and a selection of bud vases (the number is entirely up to you).  Plus, while these tips are timely (in that they are a perfect way to uplift your winter home), they will prolong long into the spring and summer. Here’s what the process involves. ‘In the dead of winter, as your garden sleeps, a fresh floral arrangement can return color and vibrancy to your home. And you don’t need professional-level floral skills to make an eye-catching vignette,’ Martha says. ‘Placing a few big-petaled blooms in bud vases and arranging them in the center of the table or on a console is straightforward but statement-making.’  A photo posted by on The businesswoman adds that these ‘winter flowers’ are indisputably perfect for the season – but you can use the technique ‘all year long.’ Martha says that the art of decorating with flowers is accessible to all – and tablescape expert Alice Naylor-Leylan agrees. The stylist, who partnered with Funny How Flowers Do That (opens in new tab), reinforces the simplicity of fresh flowers in bud vases – adding more ways to elevate your table further.   According to Alice, layering is one of the easiest ways to elevate your table flowers further. ‘Starting with my linens, I then build my tablescapes using the essential crockery, cutlery, and glassware and finally embellish with flowers, vases, candle ware, and lots of decorations,’ she says.  Plus, while we admit some fruits may feel more summery, Alice recommends incorporating fruit into your tablescape – suggesting they were seamlessly alongside the blooms. ‘I always use limes, lemons, and oranges to fill bowls. Depending on your theme, opt for fruits that help to elevate the tone,’ she adds.  While some of these fruits are synonymous with the sun, you can make a wintery set-up – they remain in demand year-round – and of course, they look good always.