The tone, which Mylands labels as a ‘contemporary neutral,’ is one of 12 colors in the recently launched Archive Collection. The aptly named selection comprises archived tints that exhibit a timeless appeal for a modern world – because future paint trends are rooted in the colors of the past.  The British paint label chose the shade after observing a demand for warmer hues over recent months. And, alongside its warming qualities, Mylands praise the neutral for its ability to bring character to a space without taking it overpowering the scheme.  Alongside its ability to stand alone, Mylands suggests Rose Taupe (opens in new tab) is ‘a dream to work with’ – as it pairs with a vast collection of colors, from pastel pinks to matt black.  ‘Rose Taupe is one of those sought-after colors that look great in almost any space. It can work in warm or cool schemes, modern or traditional, layered or pared back,’ explains the owner of Mylands, Dominic Myland.  Plus, while the popularity of neutrals has never wavered, Rose Taupe is set to offer a deeper, more dramatic take for those neutral living room ideas – paired alongside soft pastels and off-whites.  ‘Neutrals are always popular, but the warm neutral is the standout color of choice at the moment, and Rose Taupe is the perfect shade for a cocooning but stylish home that feels of the moment but completely timeless. It’s easy to use but impactful,’ Dominic adds. Overall, it gives a soothing yet stylish feel which is easy to work with – and easy on the eye. But how else does it work as a color? Rose Taupe conversely acts as a backdrop for colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. It works with sunny yellows and oranges – alongside chic monochromatic color schemes – meaning it is the versatile hue your home needs.   With its ability to work in any scheme, we expect this historic shade to set interior design trends long into the future.