See: Interior design trends – top looks for the year ahead.  However, Team Maximalism has recently gained some new recruits who have introduced the trend into the celebrity circle – and we’ve found the exact paper match – so you can mirror this A-lister-approved aesthetic throughout your own home. 

Which wallpaper is a favorite amongst celebrities?  

British-based manufacturers Morris & Co are making waves on both sides of the Atlantic after their Pimpernel print gained celebrity approval from some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the interior design industry.  See: Wallpaper trends – the most stylish ways to dress your walls Pimpernel has appeared on the living room walls of actress Kate Hudson, while the esteemed Studio McGee team has also drenched the shade across their bathroom walls. And while Kate and the McGee’s have opted for the Bayleaf/Manilla (opens in new tab) paper, the Pimpernel range includes five other similar designs – all of which pay homage to the celebrated artist William Morris. 

 How to style the Bayleaf/Manilla Pimpernel paper

Like us, celebrities have fallen for the paper’s swirling floral patterns – that are both complex and ornate – and turn our homes into a maximalist utopia. The chintz print, which was designed in 1876, was among Morris’s favorite designs, as he also spread the Bayleaf/Manilla across his dining room walls at his home in Kelmscott House.  However, despite its nineteenth-century roots, the pattern fits effortlessly into a contemporary home – here, we follow the celebrities and experts who show us how it’s done. Firstly, take a cue from Studio McGee, who brought the paper into the 21st century and shared the design on Pinterest (opens in new tab). The McGee’s paired the print with olive-colored sanitaryware, ambient light fittings, and decorative jars filled with flowers – the natural choice – considering the overflow of Botanics on the wall. Meanwhile, Kate also styled the paper alongside an olive-tinted dresser in her living room.   See: Accent wall ideas – inspiring feature wall ideas and creative focal points Emma Coles, Stylist at Morris & Co’s sister company, Sanderson (opens in new tab), recommends we follow their lead and pull from our room’s color palette within the wallpaper.  ‘Whether that’s in your accessories, furniture, or cushions. When pairing with your soft furnishings, use bold block colors, add a clashing accent color or play with different scale prints and stripes to create a full maximalist look,’ Emma explains. 

Why else should we invest?

See: Wallpaper ideas – gorgeous decor for every room Oozing with William Morris’s quintessential floral design, Pimpernel paper is the perfect way to embrace the botanical wallpaper trend. Sanderson, are also no stranger to maximalist prints and explains that, while you can hang art over botanical paper – we should also use this wallpaper as art in its own right.  Plus, as Pimpernel is a William Morris print, their advice has never felt so fitting. Sanderson suggests that ’like art on a wall,’ iconic botanical patterns are ’layered with the most incredibly detailed and intensely colored blooms,’ and if celebrities agree, we must surely agree too.