See ourDesign house: Laid-back, neutral home in LA, designed by Alice Lane Interior Design Principal Designer, Jessica Bennett talks us through her design project inProvo, Utah.


‘We wanted this space to feel more sophisticated and fashionable,’ says Jessica Bennett. ‘We started with the design of the new fireplace surround, creating drama and adding more height to the space. We knew the piano would be an important player and wanted to show off its curves and beauty. The rug was like the secret sauce for the space. It came alive once we added it to space. And the sparkly convex mirror was the cherry on the cake.’


‘This room was designed as a space where the children could play games or study. A round table pulled up to the sofa serves as a surface for puzzles, homework, or typing an email. The inspiration for this room came from a concept photo the client loved for the built-in bookcase. The room continued to develop from there as we added texture with the grass cloth and sophisticated neutrals in the furnishings.’


The design of the family room began with the fireplace design and rug selection. ‘The client loves snuggling up around the fireplace during the cold winters and wanted to incorporate storage for the cut logs. The rug gave us a lot of radiant energy to draw from. The Calder-inspired mobile hanging from the ceiling and sheep bench layered under the console were artistic touches that added personality and drama.’


‘We added pendants over the island with more visual weight to connect the tall ceiling with the island,’ explains Jessica. ‘We also changed out the kitchen countertops for a macaubus quartzite with artistic veining that reminded us of a hand drawn sketch. We added in butcher block to add warmth and texture. The modern chandelier and furniture added a pop of personality that reflected the youthful energy of the young family living here.’ See ourDesign house: Modern design meets androgynous glamour, designed by Trilbey Gordon


‘We talked with the client about taking a risk in this space and enveloping the room in color and pattern. This Kelly Wearstler wallpaper hit the perfect note and embraced the modern California cool vibe that the client wanted.’


‘Our clients wanted a space that felt chic but was also restful. We layered in high textured fabrics in sophisticated neutral tones. We also layered in lamps, side tables, and a sculpture over the bed with shine and shimmer to add glamour.’ Photography/ Nicole Gerulat Interior design/ Alice Lane Interiors (opens in new tab)