Shakira, who is best known for her hits Whenever, Wherever, and Hips Don’t Lie, shared a glimpse into the urban home that she reportedly shared with her former husband, Gerard Piqué. And while Barcelona is known as a color-filled city (brimming with galleries and vibrant Gaudí structures), Shakira’s home is strikingly monotone.  The singer shared her all-white living room ideas (below) following a studio session – and though the room is darkly lit – the neutral palette shines through. As do her gymnastic skills… The question as to whether white and gray are falling out of fashion for 2023 continues to divide designers – but it would seem (at least one of) these ’timeless’ hues has approval from Shakira, who has drenched her living space with white paint, textiles, and accessories.  A photo posted by on While the room offers a lot to admire, Shakira’s pure white sofa – which dominates the area – is a stand-out feature – and sets the tone for the rest of her furniture. The singer pairs a white glass light with an off-white cabinet and a similarly toned rug that brings a hint of warmth against the wooden floor.  Crisp white curtains dress the window, and the ethereal material continues (rather unconventionally) around the room. The white material is seen behind the TV and on the wall behind the previously mentioned sofa – creating a cocooning, color-drenched aesthetic.  You would be forgiven for assuming that white is Shakira’s favorite color (in terms of interior design, at least) since her Barcelona living room is not the only white space on her Instagram.  She also exhibits her color ideas in a white and cream bedroom in another post – complete with a large white bed, off-white curtains, and a painting that creates a contrast in the otherwise neutral room.  Designer Jen Dallas (opens in new tab) supports this color injection – suggesting that pairing white with pockets of color will help keep the color in fashion after all.  ‘White will always be in fashion. It is all how you present the white that matters,’ she says.  ‘I have clients that love the neutral feeling of a gray and/or white palette, and when done well, it can look amazing. You just have to pay attention to the other parts and pieces placed in the room using these colors so the room won’t feel too cold. When I design with all white or gray, I pay special attention to textures, Whether it be a leather sofa, wood coffee table, or the texture of linen drapery.’ In Shakira’s case, the color comes from the wooden-hued floor (in her living space) and the artwork in the bedroom. However, as Jen suggests, the variations are far from limited.