Their new collection, named TERRA, is a prediction of curated palettes that are inspired by the natural interweaving of people and their spaces – and all of which tap into the biggest concerns, moods, and desires of our planet.  The Cleveland-based powerhouse conducts extensive research annually to discuss the worldly factors that may shape upcoming color trends, from climate change to mental health. These trend topics are then translated into defining colors and cohesive palettes  (in this case, TERRA) that will set paint trends in the seasons ahead.  Their long-awaited 2023 Colormix Forecast features rich earth tones, natural clays, sunbaked sands, restful neutrals, and powdery pastels that will sit in every type of scheme. 

Sherwin-Williams 2023 Colormix Forecast

Sherwin-Williams’ main forecast consists of 40 hues within four curated palettes: Biome, Lore, Nexus, and Origin. And while these collections vary in their aesthetics, they are all equally impactful in terms of setting interior design trends in 2023.  ‘We are on an intentional journey to experience beautiful, living color as we evolve,’ said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. ‘Our connection to the Earth, fondest memories, and future hopes are what will influence our global outlook in the months to come.’ These are the colors you’re going to see everywhere from now. 

1. Biome 

Biome draws from the components of an ever-changing ecosystem to celebrate the similarities between our abundant earth and a quest for balance. It draws inspiration from natural themes  – including biophilia, organic minimalism, and symbiosis, which expect will continue to dominate decorating ideas in the seasons ahead.  The delicateness of Threshold Taupe (opens in new tab) (SW 7501) complements the tranquility of Urbane Bronze (opens in new tab)(SW 7048), among other calming pairings. 

2. Lore

The Lore palette draws inspiration across cultures and centuries to exhibit an ornate mix of ancient reds, powdery pastels, and rich jewel tones. Stand-out colors include Studio Mauve (opens in new tab) (SW 0062) and Blue Peacock (opens in new tab) (SW 0064), which prompts bold expression in every room brave enough to enjoy its hues.  

3. Nexus 

The most restorative of palettes, Nexus is a celebration of escapism. Featuring grounding browns and subtle, soulful, warm tones – it was designed to accompany your daily well-being rituals.  The palette includes natural clays and the sunbaked desert, like Reddened Earth (opens in new tab) (SW 6053) and Likeable Sand (opens in new tab) (SW 6058), which encourage serenity and restoration.

4. Origin 

Origin, the last collection, is certainly not the least. It embraces the reality of hybrid living and the notion of metamorphosis to encourage fond memories in the year ahead. Colors like Fabulous Grape (opens in new tab) (SW 6293), Peppery (opens in new tab)(SW 6615), and Goldfinch (opens in new tab) (SW 6905) are magnetic, free-spirited, and always bold.