See: Floral trends – chic new ways to bring the outside into your home With such a star-studded clientele, Simon was first on our list to call to discover which flowers are currently popular amongst A-listers. But if you want to bring this star-approved bloom into your homes, you’re going to have to be quick. 

‘At the moment, peonies are very popular. I think they are the most popular flower ever and are one that lots of clients ask for,’ Simon shares. Yes, it seems that, like us, celebrities are falling for the fleeting beauty of the popular peony – but what makes peonies so alluring?  According to Simon, the flower’s short lifespan is the primary reason behind their popularity – as it makes them feel particularly rare and mysterious.  ‘The peony season has started and it’s only a short window. Peonies feel special, very original, unique, and so, that’s one of the flowers that I’m certainly noticing a lot of people buying at the moment,’ Simon explains. ‘You see them in the moment, then they go, and that’s what makes them so special.’ See: Peony styling tips from experts – florists share styling tips and the color-changing variety that is a must in any bouquet Alongside peonies, Simon adds that ‘bunches of mixed beautiful colored flowers’ are also in especially high demand amongst his clients. ‘They sell themselves because they look so beautiful. Things like cornflowers, antirrhinums, and sweet peas, so it looks colorful and smells wonderful. What’s not to love?’

As Simon noted – the peony season can’t last forever. So, if you’re looking to mirror celebrity flower habits in the weeks and months ahead, Simon offered his predictions for the biggest floricultural trends to come. ‘After the past, very challenging chapter, people will really realize how joyous it is to have some joy in our lives,’ he begins. ‘There is going to be a wider acceptance and demand for color and for a real carnival of clashing colors. While we saw that nude, latte, blush palette that was very popular, I see a move towards wanting to have a more explosive mixture of colors which feel joyous and uplifting, and immediately makes you smile.’ Simon Lycett (opens in new tab) is currently working in association with British Flowers Week (opens in new tab) to promote flowers grown across the UK. He asks us to share our blooms, however small and simple, with him by tagging #BritishFlowersWeek.