Here Sophie Ashby shows us how, we too, can incorporate colour into our homes. See our news section for more tips from experts in their field

1. Art attack

Adding art to your home is an easy way to transform a once dull, drab space. It’s important that you have a personal connection with your art - that it tells a story.‘It’s important that any art collection in a home is mixed and varied. That means choosing from international artists and pairing photography with painting, next to mixed media and sculpture,’ explains Sophie Ashby.

2. Pattern punch

Never be afraid to mix and match pattern and texture - the finished result can look splendid. You can be as bold or as timid as you like with this look - even a patterned chair can pull the scheme together in ways you would never have imagined.

3. Striped to perfection

The garden should never be an afterthought when it comes to adding colour. Even the most smallest outdoor space can benefit from subtle (or striking) colour.There is no need to dramatically change your style; in fact a neutral background can be the perfect base for bringing colour into a room. A good starting point is to see what accessories you already have in the space that needs a little warming up. Is there an obvious look that you lean towards or a theme you like, are the colours suggestive of the trend you favour?

4. First base

The bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with your favourite colour. Not only will it help to soothe your soul, it will also provide sanctuary for when it is time to rest your head. If you’re struggling with choosing a colour, like Sophie, we recommend green - it is the colour of the moment. ‘Artworkinabedroomshouldbeascalmingaspossible–avoidportraitureinfavouroflandscapes,’ says Sophie.

5. Centre stage

The scale of art can be one of its most impactful things. Go as big with an artwork as a room can take – taking into account that modern builds can be a lot smaller than a Georgian house. There is usually one wall in a room that will take a larger picture. Studio Ashby, (opens in new tab).