When the bulbs have passed their best, deconstruct the wreath. You could plant the bulbs in the garden straightaway, or store the bulbs in a potting shed or dark cupboard until ready to plant out next year. This is an easy weekend project that will take less than an hour to put together. Just be sure you have all the elements to hand before you start. Discover more Easter decorating ideas in our inspiring gallery – you’ll find everything from easy buys and makes to more step by steps.

What you will need to make your spring door wreath

Gather your ingredients. Make sure any flowers or foliage are well watered and freshly cut. You can vary the ingredients for your spring wreath to suit what’s to hand and your scheme, but we used:

Pussy willow branches with budsFlorist’s wireBulbsMossWax flowers and dried flowerheadsBlown quails’ eggsIvyRibbonGlue gun

Step 1: make your teardrop shape

Ease and bend two pussy willow branches into a teardrop shape, with buds and cut stems at both ends. Cross over at the top and secure with florist’s wire. 

Step 2: tie in the bulbs and moss

Wrap the base and roots of the cleaned bulbs with a layer of bun moss, held in place with florist’s wire. Secure the wrapped bulbs on to the pussy willow branches with more wire, starting at the bottom and filling gaps with moss as you go.

Step 3: add the flowers

Insert the wax flowers and add a few extra decorative touches, such as dried flower heads. For an Easter display, you could include blown quail’s eggs. Secure everything with a hot glue gun as you go.

Step 4: finish with ivy and tie with ribbon

As a final touch, drape ivy from the top of the wreath to cover the wire. Hang up the finished spring wreath with ribbon from a door or hook.

How to keep your spring door wreath looking fresh

Water Make sure your bulbs, moss and any other greenery is well watered before you begin making the spring wreath. Spritz Mist the display regularly with to keep it fresh when in place. Dry Don’t forget to remove any dried flowers before misting.