If you live in an older home, on the other hand, staging a house is a must – it’s one of the best ways to add value and make the property more appealing. We’ve spoken to Alessandra Wood, VP of Style at online interior design service Modsy (opens in new tab). These are her top tips for staging an older home for a successful and fast sale. 

1. Avoid retro colors

Alessandra urges sellers not to underestimate the power of color to form associations. She advises against using ’typical 70s primary colors like bright yellow and avocado green’ in an older home – the effect will be too retro.  Instead, ’try earthy, saturated hues’ – this will allow you ’to pay homage to the original space while preserving the bold vibe’. It’s not necessary to go all white and cream – try mixing in some rich browns, too. 

2. Add interest to walls

Leaving the walls neutral, as well as opting for neutral decor, is playing it too safe, according to Alessandra. Of course, this shouldn’t mean ‘wild wall treatments’, but a nicely textured wallpaper, or bold paint ideas, can actually make a space look more modern.   ‘Try a dramatic color, like a smokey green’, Alessandra advises.

3. Don’t shy away from statement furniture pieces

Another too-safe mistake often made by sellers is going for very plain, boxy furniture when staging. Especially if you live in a Mid-century home, Alessandra recommends including ‘high drama, sculptural furniture that features interesting curves, unexpected shapes, and bold colors can make a space feel sophisticated without being over the top.’  That curvy sofa you love will make a favorable impression on savvy buyers. 

4. Get rid of carpets

Carpets are a big no-no when staging an older home for sale. Instead, Alessandra suggests you ’embrace your house’s good bones. Deep shag carpeting often covers up hardwood, which can be a major selling point to buyers or renters.’  So, instead of replacing the carpet, learn how to refinish hardwood floors. 

5. Go for natural finishes only

‘Mid-century rooms can sometimes be dark and close feeling, Alessandra admits. ‘But a few cosmetic changes can transform a space into something light and airy.’ Do not underestimate the power of natural materials to give a space an instant uplift: ’lighter finishes, soothing color tones, natural wood finishes, and organic-feeling furniture are great places to start.’  These tips are simple and easy to follow, and they are guaranteed to transform a space that feels a little retro into a timeless home every buyer will desire.